Sunday, June 1, 2008

Three months

Charlie and Sophie

I have been extremely quiet lately... last week we found out the results of Charlie's c-scan. They showed that there is a considerable amount of shrinkage. It is still there. Charlie will not have anymore chemo treatments for three months and then have another c-scan to show us what is going on. Our doctor feels that Charlie is on his way to remission. I knew that the c-scan was being done to soon after his last chemo... we are talking three days. We have to give it time and then we will really know what is going on inside of him. Shrinkage is good. I want to hear, "IT IS GONE ~ NOT SEEN." I want more than a feeling.

During these three months, Charlie will try to put on some weight and regain his strength. I was worried that he would not have been able to handle another chemo at a 123 lbs. or be strong enough to go through a surgery. We need these three months.


  1. how sweet Sophie looks, her ears are perked, she looks like Charlie's guardian angel! tee hee
    REMISSION, what a BEAUTIFUL word!
    Sending you all LOVE and prayers Angela! xoooxoxox, Cinda

  2. Right now three months seems far off but it will go fast and in that time
    Charlie will have gained some weight and be on the road to good health and
    as I said when we talked he is a champ you all are and with continued prayers, support and Love we will hear that news you need to hear that it is GONE!! have faith beautiful one! have fun this week looking forward to your blogs

    hugs and love

  3. Oh Angela, what a precious picture, full of meaning. Charlie sleeping ~~ that's good! Sophie guarding ~~ that's good! And Angela loving, a quiet hero, waiting! This to will pass, and you will be laughing and dancing, and we will be celebrating with you! In the meantime, we will wait with you, and pray and love on you all big time.
    All my love forever
    Wanda Mom

  4. You both have the summer to recover from the chemo. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit, and he will get his appetite back and gain some weight.
    I think of you both, and remember you in my prayers.
    love and hugs

  5. Honey, I believe you will get your "It's Gone" statement in three months. Until then, breathe easy, enjoy the summer sunshine, fruits, veggies and each other.

    We will keep the prayers and good wishes coming your way.

    Love you,

  6. I continue to pray for Charlie...