Saturday, May 24, 2008

For Life

I’ve discussed many of my feelings in regards to Charlie’s cancer. Feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, despair, and helplessness. Feelings of being overwhelmed and triumph. I know I am not the only one who has felt feelings like this. With cancer, everyone around the individual conflicted by this evil sickness is plagued with feelings of complete uncontrollability. We all feel that we can’t do anything to help our loved one, except simply help him (or her) get through it.
Our daughter has decided to participate in Relay for Life this year. I thought it was a great idea; she feels that it’s a way in which she can help her dad, and others in the future, and now. She also feels that it is in memory of the people she’s lost in her life: her Papa Pete (my dad) and her Gram (my great-grandma). She gets to raise money for Cancer research that will help find out more information about CANCER. So many people have been kind in donating to this cause.
At the relay event, our daughter will get to take part in her team’s 24 hour walk. Each participant of the team walks for an hour, so that someone is walking for the entire twenty four hours. Since school has been going, she hasn’t gotten to devote her full attention to raising funds, but she’s excited non-the-less. Now that school is out, she has a lot of plans to make this relay a success, in honor of her dad.


  1. what a great thing our Diandra will be doing. I will happily make a donation and support her in this


  2. We were so happy to help this cause. We did it in memory of your dad, my big brother. Steven has contributed as well.
    We are really proud of Diandra for participating in this event.


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