Sunday, May 18, 2008

I pray for each and every bag that is hung

As the oncology nurses hung the chemo bags, I noticed that there would be a huge production of getting covered up (They called it "smurfed down", because everything would be in blue). They would put on a gown that would go past their knees and the sleeves would go to their wrists. They would also put on not one, but two pairs of gloves and safety glasses with a mask. It almost made me feel like I shouldn't be in there while they hooked him up. Charlie asked them in the beginning of his chemo treatments why they do this only with the chemo and not the pre-med bags. They explained to us that it was mainly because of OSHA and the safety precautions they had to take with the chemicals. This nurse (he was the only one like this ~ not thinking about what was coming out of his mouth and how it was coming out) even went on to explain how potent the chemo was and if it got on their skin it would burn and what they would have to do if it did, what it did to the cells good and bad, blah~blah~blah. Basically... as I listened to this nurse, I watched my husband's eyes get bigger. I cut in by saying, "I thank God for this chemo." My husband and the nurse just looked at me confused. I continued, "This chemo is my husband's only chance to live. If I could kiss the bags I would. I find myself praying over each and every bag that is being hung. I pray that the pre-med will help with infections and any nauseous that might occur. I pray that the chemo will kill and destroy every cancer cell that has formed in my husband with a vengeance. I also know what the chemo does to the healthy cells and organs. I thank God that He formed our bodies with such loving care that the cells would turn around and produce even more healthy ones." They just looked at me. All the nurse could say was, "Yes, you're right." My husband only reached out and held my hand.


  1. The Lord spreads His message through many media. You are an angel as are Charlie and the nurse.

    May love, peace, prosperity and good health be with you all.

    Charlie, that's an order. Get well soon. It is possible. A positive attitude and much laughter are also quite medicinal.

  2. I'll be praying over each bag with you!

  3. I would do that, too!
    I continue to pray for him. I hope you are having a good day.

  4. Some hospital workers build up such a thick skin (for self preservation) that they are no longer helpful for their patients. You have a good sense of when to step in and say what you feel. You do it with kindness and it is effective.

    We join you in praying for the bags and for the end of the bags.
    Charlie and you should take a well deserved vacation after he is well and cured. ; )

    Love, xoxox

  5. God has you and Charlie he is keeping close watch and he hears and will answer all our prayers!


  6. I'm so overcome with remorse! I haven't thought of it this way! Angela, what a blessing you and Charlie are in my life.

  7. Oh Angela, you are an amazing woman. A woman of tenderness, and supernatural strength and wisdom when needed. What you said in that hospital room, is so wise, and profound....Charlie must absolutely love having YOU in his corner!!!

    Loving you my sweet!! Praying every day for both of you and now I'll pray for those bags too!

  8. Whew! That boy needed a good slap. I think you gave him something better. Good thing God had YOU sitting there and not me, eh?

    I love you and will keep praying.

  9. Pray for each and every bag that is hung in all the world and Thank God Charlie has YOU Angela! I will keep YOU and Charlie in my prayers too, xoooxoo((((Charlie&Angela&family))))

  10. he's so lucky to have you with him - reminds me of my wife and all she did for me after my stroke.
    I'll keep praying!

  11. Good for you my love ;D

    The bags, the blue and those occational nurses who speak a little too much...are all just circumstances.

    God tells us to look beyond them and into the face of the miracle.

    You have moved out of the role of "Cheerleader" and into the role of "Champion"

    you GO GIRL!!!

    xoxo darlene

  12. Every drop of that chemo will do the job it is intended to do dear Angela.
    Your prayers, and our prayers for you, will be answered.

  13. You are so strong and exceptionally profound in your thinking. I am praying for those bags of chemo and for you and Charlie. He is going to beat this thing! Your love and support has to be the pillar for him in his journey through this battle.

    Hugs to You!