Saturday, September 15, 2007

Up, Up and Away!

This was the second annual Color the Skies benefit for Children's Hospital Central California. I have been to both.

In order to see this two day event, I had to get up very early. It started at 5:30 A.M and ended at 1 P.M.. I set my alarm, pulled my sweats on, threw my hair up into a pony tail, put a ball cap on, grabbed my coffee and camera. I was so excited, I had to watch how fast I was driving.

Right away, I could see that there was a lot of activity. The ground-crew members had filled the giant balloons carefully with periodic hot-flame bursts from propane burners. Hundreds of onlookers chattered and mingled among the balloons on the damp turf, while others set up lawn chairs.

This nice lady motioned to me to come closer to get a picture.

This was taken of the inside of the balloon!

The invigorating launch and poetic flight of the flock of hot air balloons.

The first balloon went up!

Here is the Gallo balloon.

And another went up and up...

This man John Ninomiva from San Diego went up in a cluster of helium balloons on Saturday. On Sunday he was attached to an ordinary hot air balloon.

This is one of the balloons they were giving away to resemble the hot air balloons.

There was also face painting (I don't know who this sweet little girl is).

There was also a section where they were flying kites.

The kids could also pick up huge wands sitting in soap buckets and blow bubbles.

Can you believe I can't get anyone in my family to go with me? This event is geared all around the children. You could get breakfast which consisted of a big plate of pancakes, eggs and sausage. There was also a magician, clown show and many performances. I noticed how all of the kids were so happy and their parents were enjoying the various events available as well. Everyone was really having a good time. You couldn't help but just feel really good walking away from this event. I was back at home by 8:30 A.M. HA! They missed it! They always wish they had gone with me after seeing the photos I have taken and how happy I am that I went.

Maybe next year...


  1. I would have wanted to go with you!! Seems like a real good reason to get up early :)

    Have a great weekend! xo silvia

  2. We used to be chasers when our children were younger. We had to get up at about 3:30 and drive forever to get to where ever they were going, but I did get to ride in one and loved it. Hot air balloons are so much fun and so quiet when the burner is going. It is fun to be part of the chase team, too.

  3. I'm really, really not a morning person, but for this I would have made the exception. I just love hot air balloons ever since helping land one when I was a kid. It clipped the rooftops and made a hurried landing in a playing field. Being dragged along by the ropes was so much fun. A couple of years ago I travelled a fair few miles to watch a balloon fiesta, but it was called off because of high winds. Nowadays when I see a balloon in the distance on one of those still summer days, I tune into the ground party frequency and follow the directions so that I can watch them land. You can see that the balloonists apreciated your enthusiasm by beckoning you to come closer for your pics. Next time you'll have to wangle yourself a free flight....can't wait for the photos!

  4. Up, up and away alright! Cool. I love seeing these fly. They are such a beautiful sight.
    Some things are worth getting up for, this is one of them

  5. Oh man I would have wanted to go. Not sure I could have dragged my two wee ones up quite that early. But man, I would have LOVED it!

  6. I would go with you! I do a fund raiser event for children's valley hospital in Madera it's the change badit program. if they don't want to go with you next year I will
    that was awesome great photos!

  7. Angela: This is the best post ever....yeah! I can feel the excitement...the colors the pancakes....Wake me up next year and I'll go....!!!

  8. Your photos are wonderful. I admire the solidarity shown by the Americans to people "in need." We don't really have that here in France.

  9. Really nice pics!! That must have been a great sight.
    Thanks for showing this so detailed. What fun!

  10. WowieeeEEEEE! I LOVE hot air balloons, I would love to go with YOU!!! If only we lived closer girly!*** SIGH***

  11. I'm sad to say that both of my daughters are like that. We can't budge them with dynamite, and they always regret it later and complain that we should have tried harder to wake them up.

    Yeah, right.

    Wonderful shots of the balloons. I could go for some good pancakes too.

  12. wow honey, these photos are amazing!! so beautiful :) i would have totally wanted to go with you!! :)