Sunday, September 23, 2007

Points of Interest

Well, we made it back!
The morning we left, I had heard that it snowed where we were going to go camping. I had not packed my clothes yet (I told you, I procrastinate), so I took the opportunity when I got off work to throw on layers of clothes. I packed sweaters, gloves, threw in warm socks and an extra box of hot chocolate.

We headed up the hills to the mountains. Sure enough, I did see snow... I was a little nervous, I have never camped in the snow before, but was up for the challenge. I was thankful that where we were camping, the snow had melted. Unfortunately, the air was still crisp and cold at a steady 42 degrees during the day. We had a campfire going 24/7 the three days that we were there.

One of the first things I do when I get there is check the river to see how high or low the water is. I do this while I wait for my husband Charlie to situate the trailer before we can get settled. I can see my little ones (from memory) running around, picking up rocks and throwing them, checking out our spot carved on the side of the mountain that we will call home for the duration of our camping trip... it is just me and my husband and I miss this time I am remembering that flew by. The soap opera which spoke the words now famous by Macdonald Carey of Days of our Lives, 'Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.' Next chapter... We are with friends now.

The first day was nice and we got a chance to show them some points of interest.


The Bartleson-Bidwell party of 34 people was the first emigrant group to cross the Sierra Nevada Mountains from the east. When they passed through this area during late October 1841, some of the party tried to fallow the river. The impassable canyon below forced them to rejoin the party on the ridge trail across the canyon. Finally, starved and worn out, they arrived in the San Joaquin Valley.

The canyon below was the scene of the last battle between Indians and whites in Tuolumne County. On February 10, 1858, a band of Piutes attacked a group of employees of the Columbia & Stanislaus River Water Co. In the fight which followed Jerry Perley was killed, S. Waldron and Michael Hildreth were wounded, T. Enochs escaped by feigning death, and two Indians were killed.

The Indians escaped a pursuing party of Columbian miners, led by Fred Hildrath, by crossing the summit into their tribal area.

*When my son Rob was a teenager, he crossed the river and found an Indian Arrowhead. These mountains hold a lot of history.


  1. It just looks like wonderful! Did you enjoy the rain last week? I sure did! I love the leaves! :-)

  2. GLAD to hear YOU had a SWEET time sweetie!!! YES! TIME goes by too fast, especially when YOU are having a GREAT time! xoxooxo's to all, Cinda

  3. This is so beautiful Angela. I'm so sorry you had to be sick and not at your best for the trip. I rather be sick in a beautiful place that in bed at home.

  4. beautiful pictures and I hope that you and Charlie got your R & R
    and it is fun to reminisce I am sure that your kids remember it well too.

    glad your home

    Love ya

  5. What totally cool information to accompany your photos Angela!
    Love that your son found an arrowhead...a slice of history in his hand!

  6. Your pictures are reminding me how FLAT my "hill country" is!!!

  7. It must be wonderful to live so close to the mountains, and all that history.
    I will go back and read the links.
    Glad you enjoyed it despite it being cool. I imagine the air up there is so crisp and clean. I love your photos.

  8. Your photos are beautiful and the descriptions wonderful. I hope that your trip was a success and that you got some much needed R&R.
    PS ...It's snowed here in the MTS over the weekend! Isn't fall grand?

  9. That scenery is fantastic! You wouldn't get me back home from there, I could spend forever swinging in my hammock from those georgeous pines.
    The arrowhead is cool, I once found a flint axehead in a field in Denmark. When you hold these things in your hand you just want to know the story behing it. How did it get there, who made it?

  10. : ) so glad you had a wonderful time ... beautiful photos :) there is nothing better than being up in the mountain air ... xox