Monday, September 17, 2007

Centennial Celebration

Above is an aerial view of Hughson Avenue taken in 1921. The white Hotel can be seen in the left background.

This is the updated picture of how it is now. In the second story, dance lessons are given on the hardwood floor. Classical dances like the tango, waltz, and salsa. Each month is a different style and technique!

This is a plaque that is on the Hotel

This window is on the side of the Hotel where the Historical Society is located. I remember the Blue Chip Stamp book! We got some great items there!
These are the new street lights they put up a few years ago... I think they are so pretty!

Hughson residents will be celebrating the city's centennial Sept.22 with an all-day fair on Main Street. The "Small Community With a Big Heart" is the theme for the free event that is open to the public. A bronze sculpture by Betty Saletta known as "The Harvest" will be unveiled downtown. It represents a farm worker picking peaches and celebrates Hughson's reputation as the peach capital of the world. A range of food and commemorative gifts will be available. Also on the agenda is a parade which will also include the Wells Fargo Wagon with the huge horses. There will be an antique car and tractor show, live entertainment, food boothe's and a traditional beans and bread luncheon and peaches of course, which is all free.

I took this standing in front of a chain link fence that is around where they are going to put the Bronze statue. It will go between the two poles. I believe the rectangle in front of the two poles is where the time capsule is.

About 45 locals were on hand for the 2007 Centennial Celebration Time Capsule entombment ceremony. Future Hughson Residents will get to open the time capsule on Sept.22, 2107. I was going to tell you what went into this time capsule but I was reading all 61 items and thought that if any of you are really interested, ask me and I will e-mail you them.

This is our Ace Auto hardware... I have ran here probably two hundred times for Charlie since we have moved here.

This is Hughson's best kept secret. They have the best Mexican food.

The Hughson Chronicle is also located in the back of the hotel.

The night before this Centennial is also our Football Homecoming. This is also quite an event in itself. Our town consists of a lot of farmers and is also known as a good ole' football town. In 1997 Hughson Huskies were the T.V.L Champions 13-0 Div. 4 State Champions - -Div. 3 C.I.F./Arco AM-PM Sac-Joaquin Section Champions. Never lost one game! I am proud to say our son Michael was part of that. You can bet that the whole town of Hughson are at these games. If you do not get there early, you'll be standing. It is unbelievable. It is like a huge Hughson party.

I have been looking forward to this ever since I seen the bronze sculpture being talked about. Various artists submitted sketches of statue idea and their models were voted on. I am so bummed I won't be able to make any of this. My husband and I will be taking our last camping trip with some friends to see the trees change their colors. It is also beautiful this time of year there. I know that I will have a wonderful rested and relaxed time, but I did so want to be a part of what is happening in our little town.
BIG sigh
Wanda Mom.... I set the first part of this event up, you can get the second part. Get some great pics!


  1. Oh Angela.....You must do it for me! I have my Women's School of Ministry in Fresno all day that day, and since I coach 9 women, I can't miss!!!! This was scheduled long before I knew about our 100 yr celebration!

  2. this sounds so wonderful I have been seeing signs for it on my way to work and if I have the time I think I may go check out your town's centennial.

    did you give anything to the time capsule?

  3. "A small community with a big heart"...I like that! And it is totally believeable, too, with people in it like you and Wanda!!
    Your camping trip with your husband will be good, too, I am sure.

  4. Oh no! You and Wanda mom both have to miss this! It is looking great. Thanks for such a wonderful tour. You will have a great time at your camping area and relaxing is good!

  5. Oh, Angela...Can I trust Pastor Don with my camera?

  6. Wanda Mom~ (giggle)
    I don't know....

    ummm, he is pretty good with tech stuff. I have seen him on his computer. YES! I think you can!


  7. That's a great post. I love the old photos too. Looks like a wonderful small town.

    When I was little and we lived in Vidalia, Louisiana, they had their Centennial celebration in 1070.

    I can still remember it. All the men that came to the main even in the evening without either a mustache or a beard was thrown into a home-made jail for a little while, right there in front of everyone. One of my Dad's best friends was clean shaven and was jailed for a little while.

    They buried a time capsule to be opened in another 100 years, and that was the first time I had ever heard of that. I remember thinking about that for a long time, just imagining the 2070 opening of that capsule blew my 7 year old mind.

    Have fun!

  8. This looks wonderful. I love these small town celebrations. It is like a big family party.
    I hope Pastor Don will be able to document the rest of the story for us.
    A camping trip to see the Fall colour sounds great, be sure to remember to take your camera with you..!

  9. I had never heard of this small town before! My hubby knows it well...great photos Angela!

  10. oh it is too bad that you both are going to miss it!! but camping sounds wonderful and i can't wait to see all your beautiful leaf changing photos :)