Monday, September 17, 2007

Thank You Lord!

I woke up from a very bad dream Saturday morning. It was about Rob. I dreamt that our entire family was in Kuwait... we were in the desert. Rob and Diandra were digging a hole and there were people from Kuwait that were playing a ball game that resembled soccer right next to us. I didn't have a good feeling about it. My Great Gram was there holding a paper bag and Rob and Diandra were pulling Rob's toys out of it and putting them into the hole to be buried. I felt the people from Kuwait closing in on us.... They grabbed the paper bags from my Great Gram's hands, and went on playing their game. I looked at Rob and he wasn't a man anymore he was younger. A little boy crying, saying, "Mom, what am I going to do without my family? I need my family.... " I was on my knees facing him, holding his arms telling him, "Rob, we are with you. We are always with you. You can do this," and then he disappeared. That is when I woke up. I felt sick. I felt like I was going to get hysterical. I called my mom, just wanting to hear her voice... tell her about my dream. She always brings me back with encouraging positive thoughts. I needed to hear that right then. She wasn't home. I called my littlest sister Kiersten, she let me cry... and then talked me back to calm. I called Nessa, and she said Rob had told her that he would be home Tuesday night. I know why I dreamt that dream. I have pushed the thought back that when he leaves the base, it will be dangerous. He let me know that he could be leaving soon to come home but didn't know for sure when. It would be dangerous. I got up from my phone call to Nessa and went to the computer to check if Rob had written me an e-mail. He did. This is what it said...

"Mom I am coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jeez mom I miss you so much and America. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!I will be in America Monday night. I love you. This is the last time I will get on email. Don't forget."

This was written to my mom...(Rob doesn't realize this, but we forward our e-mails we get from him to one another. We don't do it to all of them, but most of them).

"Well, as of tomorrow I will be waiting at the PAX to head off to America. Its a long process coming home but well worth it. I have learned a lot about myself and Vanessa on this trip. Especially myself. I have come to realize the little joys of life I have taken for granted here and so much more. I got papa a flag that was flown to Iraq and commemorated by the officers towards him. I even have a picture for him. I think he will really love it. Don't tell him anything. I will surprise him sometime. I want him to know how much I love him. I love you to Nana and if it wasn't for your emails and your support this would have been even harder than it was. Gosh I am so happy I am coming home. I cant thank God enough for everything he has done in my life so far. I have missed everyone so much. I miss you a lot Nana. Tell everyone you know I am coming home. I cant wait to celebrate when I come back. I love you. Love Rob."

I am on my knees, thanking God for his safe return home (I don't know if and when he has to go back, I haven't gotten to talk with him at this point). When I say home, I mean the United States of America. I thought that where he was stationed in Nebraska was sooooo far away. I don't anymore. It is literally a hop-skip and a jump away from me compared to the other side of the world where there is turmoil occurring. I feel like I have been holding my breath. Now, it is time to exhale.

I will continue to pray for our troops and their safe return, for their loved ones, and for peace to cover this world. A huge THANK YOU for all that have been praying, have prayed for him and our family. I truly appreciate it from the center of my heart!

Thank you Lord!


  1. That is really good news! Back safe and sound. :~)

  2. praise the Lord and thank you for
    letting me know that he is homebound

    a surprise for you, he called and left me a message saying he was in Baltimore, and that he would be home
    soon he also wanted me to let the Garcia aunts know that he is safe and sound
    and that he loved us.

    I feel so blessed that he is safe and sound and I like you pray for the safe return of all the men and women serving.
    but I must be a little bias and say that my prayers were answered that our ROB is HOME!!

  3. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! That is so exciting that I want to hop on a plane and fly out to CA to pick you up and then we can head out to NE and jump up and down with your boy!!! Wouldn't that be funny? He'd be like, MOM!!...wait...who's the weird lady with you? HA!

    I am so happy to read this. I will be thanking God tonight. WOO-HOO!!! Go GOD!

  4. This is such good news Angela. You boy is coming will be able to love on him, hold him and look into his beautiful eyes again.

  5. This is so weird! You were at my blog the same time I was here. ooooooh :)

  6. Angela this is fantastic news.
    I'm so glad your son is safely home!
    Thank God for him and all the others like him, who bravely do what they do.
    Enjoy your time with him, as I'm sure you will be together soon.

  7. Honey,

    We'll all be in it with you until he is safely home for good. I hope that time is now.

    Much love, pride and joy for your beautiful boy.

    We love you!

  8. Thanks for that beautiful picture of Rob. I have always loved that smile that reaches his eyes too!

  9. What great news! My hubby is leaving for Iraq soon; please keep him in your prayers and me too cuz I'll need the strength for each day!

  10. Thank goodness he is on his way home. I don't know how you do it Angela. I would be a mess. I am in awe of you, for dealing with it so well.
    My thoughts are with you all until he is safe at home again. Keep us posted.

  11. so happy he is on his way home ... hugs!! xox

  12. My heart is with you.I am glad he will be b ack safe and sound as I hope they all will be eventually.

  13. O! Angela!!!! What WONDERFUL news!!!!!!! Thank God!!! LOVE and prayers as always!!! HAPPY Week-end lil darling!!!