Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i see hearts

Sometimes, I just see hearts. I don't even have to look for them. They just pop out at me.

Taken on one of my walks while we were camping. I had looked down to make sure I didn't step in the puddle after it rained.

Also taken on one of my walks...

Is there something that you see over and over without looking for it? Do you ever think that perhaps you see this image/object, etc...because it has an underlying meaning; a message or lesson you are needing to comprehend, and haven't "caught" yet?


  1. Actually, I find hearts, too, sometimes!
    Sometimes I also see crosses.
    I hope you had a nice little vacation!

  2. Angela: This post really has "heart".....You are in mind.
    Wanda Mom

  3. I had not thought of it Angela, but I will. I do study trees a lot. I find it fascinating to bloom where you are planted. Trees do that and they just stand through everything. They can't move from flood or fire or wind. Their only choice is to stand or fall. They choose to stand. I like that in trees and in people. Nice thought provoking question!

  4. Angela: Just saw my typo...You are in my mind....and heart!!!

  5. I must walk around with my eyes closed!
    I've yet to find any heart shaped rocks..!
    I will start looking.

  6. i think hearts are a beautiful thing to see everywhere ~ a reminder that you have a big one :) xox

  7. maybe you see hearts all the time because you have such a great Heart!
    I find them sometimes but mostly among the clouds.but thank you for giving me something new to think about!

    love ya

  8. Yes!!! All the time.
    This is cool that you see hearts everywhere. The Universe is reminding you how much it absolutely LOVES YOU!!!!
    Hey, trillions of stars can't be wrong....