Friday, September 28, 2007

Our last day

We woke up our last morning to rain hitting the roof of our trailer. The guys had big plans for a huge breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, hot coffee and right down to drinking milk out of a camping-tin-cup. It was freezing. They decided that we just would go to the Dardanelles store. It has a restaurant to one end of it with the sweetest little cafe. They serve everything you would think a mountain restaurant would serve, from chicken fried steak, mashes potatoes and gravy with biscuits and homemade apple pie, to huge pancakes with maple syrup. Ever since I started camping at Dardanelles (since the 8th grade), I have always wanted to eat there. All this time... and I never have. It was a treat! The weather was perfect! Everything felt right. Even if it was cold and drizzled rain. We had gone there later that evening after we BBQ'd hamburgers and sat around the fire visiting. There was live music and karaoke in the back of the store where there was a bar/buffet eating area with standing heaters (which were really nice might I add). We had a really great time.

This is what we woke up to.

This was on the outside of Dardanelles Cafe by the entry door.

As I was walking a long the river, it started to rain again. I was watching the ripples from the rain drops hitting the water. I couldn't help but think about how that applies to our lives. A simple gesture, an act of kindness or a smile goes a long way. Never underestimate that.

It just amazes me how these tall trees with their bare roots on top of the earth are exposed and they can still stand.
Rain drops dripping off of a pine tree's needles.

I pay $ for these at the craft store and spritz them with cinnamon spice oil and put them in a treasured antique bowl during the fall/winter season.

A break in the clouds before the sun sets. I love the silhouette of the dark trees and how it contrasts with the blue and white back ground.

This fire was our warmth for three days. I came down with a cold the morning we had left to go camping. With the way I was feeling, there were times I just wanted to crawl into that fire. I couldn't get close enough to it. The discussions, stories, laughter and roasting marshmallows we did right around that fire were all a memory worth keeping though. I really did have a wonderful time!
Woman's Retreat

This was taken 10 years ago! If you start from the end of the ladies standing and count 5 in, that is me and Darlene is standing next to me. Wanda mom is standing at the top of the stairs. (Click to enlarge)

Today I am leaving to spend the weekend at a woman's retreat in Oakhurst just outside of Yosemite at Sugar Pine Christan Camp. A few of my favorite girls; Wanda Mom, and Darlene will also be attending. Now I am happy to say that my daughter Diandra also goes to these retreats with me. I was trying to think when I first started going to this Christian Woman's retreat... I think it is going on 10 years now! The picture above is from my first year that I attended. I have been hooked ever since. It has always been an experience that I have carried with me and from which I have learned a lot. This year's theme is "The Potter's House."


  1. I hope you and darlene, diandra, and wandamom have a great time

  2. Have a great time.
    See you when you get back..!

  3. For some reason I thought this was two posts. I have come back to say I love the pictures you took on your trip last weekend. The words with them are precious too.
    I'm not a camper, as I hate to be cold or damp, but it looks like I'm missing a lot.
    Glad you had a good time .Pancakes with maple syrup will be on my mind all day now...!!

  4. gorgeous photos ... you capture the beauty you see with such sensitivity!! have an amazing time :) what a wonderful weekend!! xox

  5. It has been a long tine since i last went camping. would love to came in the redwoods one day. *sigh*

    Have a marvelous time at the retreat! xox

  6. I know you will have a great time. I wish I could be there.

  7. That mountain mist coming through the trees looks very cold. The fire must have been great, nothing like a good fire.

  8. The pics are beautiful....reminds me of home...but I got so into thinking about chicken fried steak....yum! that is my favorite breakfast with B's and gravy please! Have fun at the retreat! and say hello to Wanda for me! :-)

  9. I was able to pick out Darlene, you and Wanda. YEAH.

    About that camping trip, your vision of that camp-site breakfast just sounds AWESOME. I think I'd like to just make a fire pit in my back yard and have an outdoor breakfast on Sat mornings! That would be fun.

  10. The Potter's House sounds like a great theme! Our women's retreat is in a couple of weeks and I can hardly wait.

    I love that photo with the rain dripping off the needles! Just made me catch my breath!

  11. I WISH I could go!!! Have FUN and many blessings Angela, LOVE and Prayers, Cinda ps. give those 2 girlys a big HUG for me, also D!!!

  12. GOOD EYE!!! Nice descriptions to go with the pics. I almost feel like I am there with you.
    Thanks for the tree with blue and white background and the little bathing birdie.

    Have a great time at your retreat.

  13. What amazing photos! Such beauty you captured. The drop on the tree needles, wow!