Sunday, July 29, 2007

tagged by barkfoot ~ "5 things" meme

Five things I was doing 10 years ago

1. stay at home mom.
2. getting all four kids school clothes.
3. driving all four kids where ever they needed to go.
4. managing a full house.
5. going to a lot of the kids activities.

Favorite snack food

1. peas
2. chips and salsa
3. apples and peanut butter
4. cajun trail mix
5. cold grapes

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire

1. give to church
2. pay our debt off
3. put some money away for retirement
4. invest in a cause I believe in
5. buy me that old GMC truck I have wanted

Five songs I know all the lyrics to

1. Fleetwood Mac songs
2. Sade songs
3. Stevie Wonder songs
4. Journey songs
5. Carole King songs

Five bad habits

1. crack my knuckles
2. put things off until the last minute
3. leave cupboard doors open and walk into them
4. not folding clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer
5. not getting something out of the freezer for dinner in the morning (Thank God for microwaves).

Five things I like to do

1. spend time with my hubby
2. hang out with my family and friends
3. drive in the country by myself
4. lay in bed and watch old movies
5. cuddle

Five things I will never wear again

1. bell bottoms
2. maternity clothes
3. string bikini
4. bi-level haircut
5. shoes that hurt

name five people...

you know who you are, because you will do this if you want! hee hee


  1. I had to laugh at the string bikini! I never saw the sense to that one either. To me, it is like wearing a thong at the beach. Heck, if you want to show off that much, just leave it all off! But, now I wouldn't want to horrify the world that much anyway!

  2. but bell bottoms are soo cool. Old is Gold baby.

  3. Loved it! Especially the maternity clothes answer.
    Fleetwood Mac are great, as is my fave, Sade!

  4. That's a fun one. Bi-level hair cuts! HA! Been there, done that.

  5. I had to smile at the string bikini, too!!
    Very interesting, you list....

  6. Speaking of dinner mamma...go get something out NOW! ;)

    love you

  7. Cute answers..!
    I love getting to know you through these memes..!

  8. No, I won't have it... all this negativity towards string bikinis!!!

  9. I love all the things you stated in your blog!!!

    love you

  10. Well, you had more fun than I did 10 years ago -- I was recovering from a stroke and really don't remember much. :)

  11. I love Fleetwood Mac. I also drive my family crazy popping my knuckles and my elbows. My friend calls it the "crack dance." LOL...

  12. Oh how fun!!!! Let's get together when I get home...need to catch up.

    You are so good at "tag" answers!!

  13. Have YOU tried frozen grapes Angela! They are very tasty!!!

  14. how fun :) i also will never wear a string bikini again and am so okay with that, now bell bottoms are a different story ;-)