Thursday, July 12, 2007

He called!

I am flying high
above cloud nine
with the thought
that I talked
to you


  1. Praise the LORD that our boy called you! I hope he sounded great and that
    he is doing well. I am so happy to hear this you can only imagine!

    still keeping him safe in prayers daily though

    such good news

    (((((hugging)))) you!

  2. Wowzers!!!!
    That is so cool. Did it put your mind at ease?
    Must have!
    Sending hugs,

  3. I'm just jumping for joy for you! Whew! I'm so happy! You needed that, so badly and it is just joy!

  4. I'm so happy for you! Both he and you remain in my thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend xo

  5. I love that photo. Do you know I have found web sites dedicated to those glass thing-a-ma-bobs on top of the pole there? I can't recall what they're called. But some of them are very valuable. Usually the ones that are colored glass.

    Leave it to me to zone in on that.

  6. Lynette~ They are called "insulators." I have a lot of them in different colors too! I love them. I will have to take a picture of the ones that I have and share them. Perhaps on "Show and Tell Monday!"

  7. Hip Hip Hooray!!! What a sweet and simple post....that says so much!

    A mother's heart...a son's voice!

  8. very nice -- I love the photo with it - perfect! :)

  9. Oh Angela, that is the happiest news I have heard since my grandson was born!!
    Next time our sweet nephew calls please tell him we all miss him, are so proud, and are praying for him daily.
    Honey we are so happy for you.

  10. awwwww, yeah! He called! Wonderful, wonderful!

  11. Love and prayers here in WV for your sweet boy Angela Marie and all his comrades! That is the happiest news!!!

  12. yay!! so happy for you ... xox and warm hugs :)

  13. LOve is in the air, and floats deep into your heart!