Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hoping that I get an e-mail from my son, I always check my e-mail first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed. Hearing from him always puts my heart at ease. Well, this morning I did my morning ritual, and he sent me PICTURES!
He wrote, "Well today things went good. A couple of days ago, I was talking to this TCN and he said he could get me food off base at this restaurant. Well, he bought me some Authentic India food. There was way to much and I decided to bring some to my favorite TCNs who I started out with at the beginning and became close with. It was so cool sitting down with them in Indian style and eating on the floor. Even though I couldn't understand them, it was like we were sharing something together but more deeper than a meal, you know what I mean. It was a neat experience. I took some pictures and sent them to you."

Woo Hooooooooooo!
My day is made as well as my week!


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  2. Great photos of our Rob I know his
    personality and heart he has is touching the lives of the people he is meeting while there.

    HE is in our prayers daily
    but am so glad he has time to email
    his MOM!

    Love ya

  3. Oh Ang...what a gift this was from a very special son.

    he looks so strong and handsome and of course, is Smiling

    (he looks like a man :(...they grow tooo fast, don't they?)

    I feel your pride Ang...thank YOU ROB for serving our country and get home safely!

    many prayers and huge smiles for you and your precious Momma.

    love you Ang...
    xOx darlene

  4. That's wonderful news!!

    Sending you love and sparkles :)


  5. Robbie looks wonderful! I'm so happy that you also got pictures with your email.

    It is evident that he is securing much goodwill for his country by being there, he has such love and joy in him to share. We are all so grateful for his service and pray for his safe return.

    Love to your family

  6. Nothing like a picture to make you feel they're not so far away.

  7. That really is a good story Angela Marie. And the photos are nice ones too. I am glad it all made your day.

    Thank you too for your tireless efforts to visit and comment at my blog.

  8. That's just too cool.

    I'm delighted for you.

  9. Happy for sure Angela!!!! Makes me HAPPY for YOU!!!!! :-)
    Have a GREAT week!

  10. YEAH!!! That's so cool. I can't imagine what this must mean to your mommy-heart.

    God, keep Angela's most precious boy safe in your hands. Remind him that he is a prince of your kingdom and even more precious to you. Amen.

  11. Thanks for sharing these photos! That is so great that you got them and heard from him, too. He looks great! Very nice son, I think he looks like you?!
    He seems happy, that is good! He looks healthy, too.
    When do you expect him home?

  12. Oh you must be on cloud 99. He looks wonderful, healthy, smiling! And he still has that heart for people doesn't he. What precious picture for special of a son!!!
    Love and Hugs to all of you!!

  13. How wonderful! I'm happy for you and to see your son happy and breaking bread is good!

  14. oh honey ... what an amazing gift :) am so very very happy for you!!

    thank you for sharing this specialness with all of us ... tons of love ... xoxox