Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If You Can't Go To Paris...

...Bring Paris To You!

This last Monday night (a little over a week ago), I dragged my daughter to the movies to see Paris, Je T'aime. I loved it! At one point, I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I am going to Paris, shhhhh." She whipped her head back at me and said, "Yeah, uhhuh right!" I looked at her back with a matter of fact expression on my face and said, "Watch me!"

When I was little, I had big dreams of seeing the world... then I had a baby, got married and had more children. Money had a new meaning to me. You had to have it to do anything. Going, and seeing the world got swept under the rug, I rarely ever thought about it. Until I started blogging. When you blog, you have the opportunity to see the world. The dream that I dreamt so many years ago is alive and well. Sigh... it will happen.

Back to the movie...

It is a movie with a lot of vignettes... each one having a different director, filmed in a different part of Paris. The next morning, I went to Starbucks with a friend, I noticed the CD "Rendezvous a' Paris." I have been enjoying it ever since that morning.

This summer Paris came home to me!


  1. I actually was in Paris a few years back. I fell in love with it. We were there only one day and my reason was to see Chopin's grave. I had always heard so much about the rudeness of the people so I was ready for it. Wrong! They were wonderful! In fact, if (when) I go back to Europe, it won't be complete without Paris. Wish I could go there tomorrow. :)
    You're right about the internet. I'm hooked on it.

  2. Fun fun fun! I say get your butt over to Paris - for real. Your kids are capable and you're still young. Do it!!! I will travel vicariously through YOU!

  3. I love to travel and wish I could afford to go places more often.
    I have learned that when people tell you about places they visit their feelings about it often say more about who THEY are than about the place.
    You will see Paris one day, and we will read all about it here..!

  4. And you are the winner of the book. Send me you address and it will be on the way.
    Paris is not my place of choice to visit, as I like more rustic things in general and I think Paris would be the ultimate in civilzation. But, I can understand loving it!!! I hope you get to go in person soon!

  5. If you come to Paris, I'll meet you there!


  6. You know, one day, we WILL. The movie was fun. Eligah Woods was as always cute, but I didn't enjoy his part. =)

  7. i so love your attitude : ) i was all set to go to paris and other parts of europe when i graduated university and i was going to teach in japan ... and, and ... like you baby and life intercepted. no regrets at all but someday i will get there and swoon and take photos and feel the wind sing through my hair ...

    it will happen for both of us : )