Tuesday, July 31, 2007

tagged ~ 8 random goofy things

8 random goofy things that you may not know about me.

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1. I put things off and tend to think that I work better under pressure. (?)

2. Going down on an escalator, I get a little fReAkEd out taking the first step. A lot of the time, I have to take the elevator or stairs.

3. Wherever we'd go when the kids were little, I would get asked or told that I look like they just "knew me from somewhere." My son would say to me, "Everyone tells you that!" I told him, "I will tell you why, it's top secret though and you can't tell anyone. Can you do that?" His eyes got big while he shook his head up and down. I said, "Okay, then I will tell you. When mommy drops you off at school, she does odd jobs for the FBI, like private eye stuff." His eyes got really really big at this. You could just see the wheels in his head turning. "I help them by doing undercover work. That is why everyone thinks they know me. And you thought your momma was just staying home all day cleaning house and making cookies." His mouth dropped open. I started to laugh, which then he didn't know what to believe. But every time someone said that to me, he would immediately look at me, and I would look at him and just smile with raised eyebrow. It tickled me to think that in the back of Rob's mind when he was little, he thought "maybe."

4. I like to smell the clothes after they have been washed. If they don't smell clean to me, they get washed again.

5. When I was pregnant with my son, I would go to an early matinee movie by myself and stay all day. Sometimes, I would movie hop too. bad, bad, bad!

6. When I was in High School, my friends and I would go see the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. We would bring toast and throw it when they made a toast. We brought squirt guns and newspapers and squirt them with the newspapers over our head. When they would dance, we would all run down to the screen and do "the dance." When they had the wedding scene, we would throw rice. You get the scene! We had a blast!

7. My P.E. teacher would leave me in charge while she did paperwork or errands. The girls would moan when this happened. I guess I was somewhat of a Drill Sergeant, making sure they went all the way down on squats and push-ups.

8. When my daughter Diandra texts me on her phone, I can only reply one word or one letter answers. I haven't quite gotten the whole typing letters thing down yet. It takes me literally 30 minutes to an hour to get back to her a sentence or so if I do...I like to use the little faces now. It's a lot faster. It's "expression" text. Ha ha. She knows it too and will quickly type me a message back making fun of me. I'll send her a face back, but she's got a paragraph response within a moment...It's funny.
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  1. I love this tag. It's fun to see random pieces of people.

  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show !!!

    you have SO dated yourself!!!

    hmmmm? you must be 40 something?...and a 007 at that ;)

    funny thing is...I secretly work for the FBI too...no wonder I can't go anywhere with you ;)

    xox d

  3. When my daughter was little and she would misbehave in the grocery store, I would lean over and whisper gently snf very sweetly in her ear, "...if you keep misbehaving, I'll have to turn you into a frog!" and I would smile at her, like I'd made her a lovely promise. She now says it freaked her out and scared her to death! Bad momma!

  4. I have so missed being able to check out your post every day....Angela, I love these tags! I worked for the CIA. What a world!

  5. Oh dear. The Rocky Horror picture show days...dressing up like Magenta and throwing rice. Sneaking a mickey of rye into the theater to drink too. Mum, are you reading this? Hope not!
    That old theater is now a bar, and the friend who took me there is no longer a friend.
    Loved number four, I smell laundry too, and I do the same thing...it has to smell right or it is not clean. Tide (liquid) with Febreze in it does a fantastic job. You can literally take towels out of the linen cupboard like two weeks later and they still smell like Spring Renewal!!!!

  6. Oh and I forgot to tell you. I was in a stage version of Rocky Horror in Boston back in...pre-2000. Can't recall. It was a riot. You made me think of that.

  7. cool random goofy things can't wait to find out more!

  8. That sounds like soooOOoo much FUN Angela!! If we could watch Rocky Horror Picture Show together, wouldn't we have FUN??? LOL Telling Rob YOU are in the FBI, too funny! Phew! I'm GLAD I finally got over here, my pc wouldn't let me go to your Blog!a minute ago and then I saw your comments and clicked onto your name and Here I am!!! Bad PC!!! I don't have a cell phone but I would think that texting would be fun!!! Thanks! soOOOoo much for the prayers!!! You and YOURS are still in mine sweetie pie!!!

  9. A new meme making the rounds! yay!
    I, too, am apprehensive of escalators.
    Does Rocky Horror not show any more?
    I thought every generation since the 70's was at least given the opportunity to 'do' Rocky Horror!

  10. i have such a hard time with texting as well ~ my fingers just won't work that fast, it makes me feel old, lol ....