Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pigeon Flat

The old photo that I posted in an earlier post, of my family 20 years ago, was taken here at Pigeon Flats. It is a walk-in camp ground just up the road from where we were camping at Brightman Flat, no vehicle's or RV's are allowed there, so it is very quiet and off the beaten path. Charlie and I wanted to go back, being that it was our 20th year anniversary of camping together. The flowers were growing wild where ever you looked. It was a butterfly haven, and they were flying everywhere! I met a lady camping near us, and she was carrying a camera (one I was quite envious of). We discussed the area together, both anticipating beautiful pictures we would capture. It is so calm and serene there.

Wild purple flowers

An old log resting across some rocks

More purple flowers

A lizard basking in the sun


I loved the gold and green hues in the jagged wings of this butterfly

The butterflies loved these purple flowers

This is the same butterfly, it moved and my camera caught it in a different light

More flowers

Another lizard. You can really see the scales in this photo.

The butterflies also enjoyed these white flowers

A different butterfly

This white flower was growing out of a rock!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my walk through Pigeon Flat!


  1. I love Pigeon Flats....What a tour, up close and personal....You need to have those photo's printed into note cards....Beautiful!!!

  2. Amazing shots. I love the log across the stream and the butterflies. Looks to be an incredible place.

  3. I did! Thank you for taking me there. They are beautiful photos!

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  5. Those flutterby pics are great, they alway seem to fly off before I can snap them.

  6. you didn't tell me you were camping in paradise ... wow : ) gorgeous photos!! i missed your beautiful photos!! xox

  7. Beautiful photos as usual
    I love what a beautiful gift you have and that you share with everyone in your photos

    thanks for the tour I hope to visit it someday

  8. You, Darlene and Wanda are beginning to shame me. I used to do professional photography in Boston (live band stuff, though). And I just haven't done more than snap shots of the kids. Your pictures make me want to dig out my old manual K-1000 and get back out there. I'll have to get some shots of my local Texas to show you.

    Thanks for sharing those. They are incredible!

  9. Angela Marie: you've captured some wonderful close-ups with your camera! Great job! - Suz.