Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vision ~

When I am in a bead store, I will look and see what has been clearanced out and usually come home with some cool finds. I came across some shell beads made by a company called Organic and thought they were so pretty. I envisioned them in a strand and when I got home made the necklace I kept seeing in my mind.

Last week, Charlie and I got away for few days and when I was going through a book in our Hotel room, I came across a picture of a lady with a necklace on that looked similar to the one I just made. Look how sweet the model made it look! I love it! I took a picture of the picture on my cell phone and sent it to Nessa, who has had her eye on my necklace since I made it. Shhh ~ I am making her one too.

Seeing the picture after making the necklace affirmed that I still have a sense of style all of my own (I question myself at times). It was a good feeling!


  1. Beautiful necklace, beautiful beads, and made by beautiful Angela...

    Your creativity is amazing.

  2. you have such talent and vision and it is all beautiful

    love you