Saturday, August 21, 2010

False Advertisement ~

In order to understand what we were expecting please take a peek here (click on the red "here") first before reading the rest of my post.

Charlie and I came across an advertisement for the Asilomar Beach Resort in Monterey that looked like a rustic charming little room. It is one of their historic rooms and on the picture you see a bed next to a rock fireplace. As I looked at the photo, I could imagine candles placed throughout the room and being able to take long walks holding hands with my husband and watching the sunset. So romantic! We made our reservations and we both looked forward to our little get away. My first impression as we drove into the resort was so disappointing. The grounds were absolutely dead. Dry as a bone. I thought to myself, 'Uh oh. I will not complain.' Charlie parked the truck and got directions to our room.

Another 'Uh oh,' entered my head as we had to drive out of the resort and across the street, which meant we were not on the ocean side. I couldn't believe how dead everything was. I prayed that who ever smoked would not throw their cigarette down or we would be goners. We got into our room and my heart just dropped into my stomach.

I think I said out loud, "This is a mistake," as I looked at two twin beds. Charlie went back down to the office to tell them we had a queen bed with a fireplace and they said they would push our beds together and all of the rooms come like that AND there are no fireplaces in any of the rooms. How can they do that? I started reasoning and trying to convince myself and Charlie that we really wouldn't be "in" our room very much, we spent most of our time on the beach anyway and it would really be okay (I'm really not a snob! I promise!). Charlie walked outside again to get more of our luggage (I thought).

My stomach started hurting as I took pictures of the room and bathroom to show our son, who would be staying at this resort the following weekend. I knew he would also be disappointed and I didn't want him walking into this thinking he would be getting something like the advertisement displayed. As I started unpacking, Charlie walked in and said, "We aren't staying here, I got us another room." I thought I was going to cry as if my man rode up on a horse in shining armor, scooped me up, and saved me!

As we drove out of the parking lot, Charlie said boldly, "This IS WHY I am a creature of habit!" I called the front desk at the Asilomar Resort to let them know that we were leaving and immediately called our credit card service that held the room.

As Charlie and I checked in to our 2nd hotel (which by the way, was where we spent our honeymoon), the lady who checked us in knew our story and was so nice! As I was put on hold with the credit card company fixing the fiasco from the hairy-moldy hut we were going to stay in, the receptionist at the 2nd hotel quickly told me they were serving wine, fruit, assorted crackers and cheese in the dining area, and to head that way to try and relax and unwind. Which was what I did. Oh my goodness, yes... I had some cheese with that whine!


What a prince!


  1. How terrible! What a good hubby you have though!

  2. thanks for showing me photos of that Uncle Jeff and I had heard about that place and were thinking about staying there NO WAY! I am so glad that Charlie is a creature of habit LOL!!! and I am glad you had cheese with your wine and whine!!

    love you all bunches

  3. Asilomar used to be a state facility for training for all state park employees. I only got to go there for one week in June of 2004. We couldn't stay in any of the rooms there, because they rent them out for a higher rate than they pay for our rooms. We had to stay at some motel right down the road about 2 miles. We did eat lunch every day in the beautiful dining room the have there. Food was excellent. Your room looked nothing like the rooms on the advertisement. Or the outside imagining the rustic wood buildings would look like on the inside.
    We had our training across the street. It must be because of the state being broke and can't afford to hire the correct amount of maintenance staff.Love, UJ