Friday, August 27, 2010

To Do ~ To Do List...

Anybody who knows my husband Charlie, can testify to anyone else that he is a very busy-bee or a workaholic. Take your pick. Even when we get away, he brings some kind of work with him. Here he is checking his list for the umpteenth time on a beach house project's order of supplies. I on the other hand, watched The Joyce Meyer show on television.

The hotel we stayed at had this wonderful magnifying mirror. I looked in it and let out a gasp not realizing how bad my eyebrows were. No one told me I had a Frida eyebrow going on. I jokingly (*key word ~ JOKINGLY, would never do this) asked Charlie while he was still going over the beach house plans, if he could take the mirror off the wall so I could bring it home. He promptly said laughing, "Oh that's nice... maybe you need to watch another Joyce Meyer's show." Oh how he is quick to keep me sharpened.

I picked one of these mirrors up at Bed Bath & Beyond the very week we got home. I won't have to look through my eye glasses, lower them and then try to pluck my eye brows anymore.
Woo hoo!


  1. The hotel looks grand.

    I never want to look in one of those mirrors. I like the blur I see, cause she looks pretty good!! HaHaHa

  2. what a nice place you stayed at and I don't think our Charlie would know what to do with himself if he wasn't a busy bee!!
    glad you found the mirror!

    hugs and love