Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Lab ~

In the morning my daughter and I quickly discuss what our rapidly changing, individual plans are for the day; it's what you do to keep the communication flowing when you have busy schedules. Although she consistently says she is going to the lab to go over tests or work on data. I recently went to "the lab" and saw where my daughter spends a lot of her time. It is a windowless room little bigger than a big walk-in closet; I can see why when she gets home, she takes a walk. There were anatomy and brain posters adorning the drab yellow walls, an occasional framed picture of art that had different colored ceramic mugs placed next to them. I admired a green pouring pitcher sitting by this huge sink and thought it looked familiar, until my daughter said, "Oh... uhh, I need to bring that back home. I borrowed it for a research meeting." HMmmmm... so this is where it was all this time.

Notice the black statue. It's actually a neat example of our visual processes, according to my daughter. She says, "We see the gestalt, either the foreground or the background of the statue as faces." Can you see the two faces? If you focus on the black rather than the white, you will see two faces, rather than a vase-like statue. My daughter says you can be aware of both images, but your brain can't ever see both at the same time; it constantly toggles between the two. The wheel the statue is on turns and it actually looks like they are laughing as it spins. It's all about exercising the brain.


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  1. very interesting and I am so proud of our Diandra. is it not amazing how our kids "borrow" things without letting us know till we can't figure what we did with the thing that looks familiar!

    kids no matter what age gotta love them!!

    love you