Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday ~

San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo

On our previous visit at the coast, we made a stop at this mission. It was really beautiful. I could have stayed longer, but Charlie didn't want to. He was too eager for lunch. I will have to make a point to go there when I am alone.


Yesterday we celebrated our son Rob's 26th birthday. Rob has been in the Military for the past four years and has spent his special day either alone or with his wife Vanessa. It was a real treat to spend this day all together. His best friend even came from Los Angeles to surprise him. We had a BBQ and cake with ice cream. Right down to the weather, the temperature was in the 70's which made everything seem like it couldn't have been more perfect.

This Sunday is on the quiet side after our festivities we had yesterday. A little too quiet for me. I am a little surprised with how I am feeling; I'm usually okay with quietness. Our daughter made chocolate chip cookies this morning and I even called the kids trying to bribe them into coming over.

I hope your Sunday, quiet or filled with business is all that you want it to be.


I will leave you with this passage taken from Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

But suddenly it was like a lion was roaring from within my chest, drowning all this claptrap out. A voice bellowed in me like nothing I had ever heard before. It was so internally, eternally loud that I actually clamped my hand over my mouth because I was afraid that If I opened my mouth and let this sound out, it would shake the foundations of buildings as far away as Detroit.
And this is what it roared:


The chattering, negative thoughts in my mind scattered in the wind of this statement like birds and jackrabbits and antelopes- they hightailed it out of there, terrified. Silence followed. An intense, vibrating, awed silence. The lion in the giant savannah of my heart surveyed his newly quiet king-dom with satisfaction. he licked his great chops once, closed his yellow eyes and went back to sleep.
And then, in that regal silence, finally ~ I began to meditate on (and with) God.


  1. There is something about a Mission, that demands silence and solitude. I would love to roam alone in old Missions.

  2. The Mission is beautiful I have a plan to one day drive to all of them in California hey maybe we can plan a little road trip!

    I love the passage the book was wonderful the movie not so bad! I am so glad that you got to spend Rob's special day all together. to bad Diandra's cookies did not temp them! I am starting to feel the pains of emptiness syndrome~ I am sorta of learning to live with it but one thing for certain and I believe from the quote our kids do not know HOW STRONG OUR ( a mother's ) LOVE truly is!

    must get together soon
    Love you