Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ah summer...

Reading, laying by the pool, listening to music, catching up on movies, late nights in back yard ~ sitting by candle light and sharing a bottle of wine with good friends and family, BBQs, long walks, bike rides, creating and produce markets.

What day is it?


It's true... unless my husband is home during the day, which tells me it is Saturday, the days run into one another. I have to stop and think, 'What day is this?'
I have enjoyed my summer so far and am relishing each and every moment.


Charlie and I were doing the first major hull in cleaning the yards a couple of months ago and he said, "Ange, we can't let the yards get like this." I bit my tongue and didn't say a word but thought, 'Uhhh... I have been taking care of the yards for two years now (besides the mowing), and I might add, with going to work and school doing the best I can, Thank you very much.' I think I had that Garfield expression on my face while I thought this (You know the one with his eye lids half closed with a glazed look to them). As I looked at Charlie, he noticed my expression and said apologetic, "Ange, I know you have helped me. It's just that, I am feeling better now and I just feel like I lost two years of my life since chemo. It's kind of a blur. I want to have BBQ's and have the grand-kids over. Enjoy life."

I understood what he was sharing with me. I didn't go through chemo and didn't suffer from the effects and the ramifications it has on the body like he did. However, I could sympathize with him on two years lost and it feeling like a blur. Since we found out from his last scan there were no traces of the tumor or bone cancer (for now), we celebrate anything that should be celebrated and look for things to celebrate, raising our glass to anything and everything. I guess you can say... we have taken that thought and ran with it. I am smiling as I type this.

Our doctor said it would take some time for Charlie to feel better; not like he did before, but better then he has since cancer and chemo. Charlie has said he feels good and I can tell that he does. When he comes home from work, he doesn't collapse in his chair everyday and sleep for hours. He has started working out, hitting his speed bag, doing pull ups and push ups. In addition to getting some things done (slowly) around the house too.

I suppose the dark cancer cloud that loomed over us in the past and is now gone may have something to do with the change of how we both feel. For now, it is good and we appreciate what new lease on life it has given us.

We are enjoying this season of summer.



  1. This has got to be the very best posting you have written. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. (No torrents, just misty.)

    A huge HUZZAH to you both.

    Now get back to enjoying summer.

    With love from Jack and Maryann.

  2. Angela, I am so happy to read this.
    In the darkest days when he was so ill you kept going, and doing all the everyday things that still needed to be done.
    It's good to read that Charlie is 'back', and raring to go. I hope you can keep up with him..
    Love and hugs

  3. That is a great update and good news! I am happy for you both. I enjoy summer, too.

  4. Must add my AMEN to Jack's comments. This is such good news, and we all watched you and C. go through that dark tunnel.... You are both heroes in my mind and heart.

    Love you tons, and would love to sit by the pool with a glass of wine and enjoy a face to face visit.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. I am so glad to hear that you and Charlie are so enjoying your summer and your new lease on life. it fills my heart with Joy to hear that! I hope that we all can get together soon before the summer gets away from us.

    hugs and love to you both

  6. Jack, Sheila, Gudl, thank you!

    Wanda, I would love that visit with you!
    Thank you

    Deb, Thank you! I know... we need to get together!