Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shades Of Green ~

I am not talking about the green-eyed monster or being green with envy. It's interesting how we describe our moods or where we are in our life by colors; green when starting something new - inexperienced, untested, untrained. In addition to greenhorn - novice, trainee, beginner or green around the gills. How about feeling blue?

Our human nature tends to think there are greener pastures on the other side of the fence. There are people that have green thumbs or wait for the green light that gives permission to proceed in life. Just do it!

Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and the environment.

These are shades of green ~


  1. Angela Marie, you have done it again.

    Yes, I am green with envy. You have a keen eye for composition. I wish I were that talented.

    (OK, so I might be hinting for some reassurance. Nah, I'm good.)

    Absolutely great photos.

  2. Fantastic post Angela. I just love this. And - Green is my favorite color.

  3. Oh! I just noticed something. You got one of those cute little parrot birds from Lily's Emporium before they closed. I was going to go back and get one and forgot. Typical. LOL

  4. Angela, are these all from your home? I recognize a few... Jack said it well "You have a keen eye for composition"

    Very beautiful post!

  5. Jack ~ You are very talented! Which reminds me I need to see your photos of your trip. I will head over after this.

    Annie ~ Yes, some of these birds are from Lily's! The bird your talking about, I got way before that "Going Out of Business" sale. I would have never thought she would have some left. I was surprised.

    So we not only have our love for birds in common, but also the color green!

    Wanda ~ Yes, these pics are from my family room where we gather in the evening. They are all scattered around though.


    Thank you all for your sweet compliments!

  6. green is one of my favorite colors!!

    love you

  7. Such a beautiful collection Angela.
    I have come to like green very much of late... but only certain shades. I like these.
    Have a great Sunday!
    big hugs