Thursday, June 3, 2010

Resistance ~

I had to laugh when I read this FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE comic. Her words struck a sympathetic chord within me. At work my co-worker bakes "healthy" cookies and my favorite is the chocolate chip. They are hard to resist fresh out of the oven with a glass of vanilla soy milk. I don't care how often I tell myself, "I will NOT have one today," I always cave in and do. I have voiced these thoughts out loud to Armanda hoping that by saying it OUT LOUD she would keep me accountable, and too that I would be better able to reinforce my statements. But... it doesn't. Armanda only laughs as she says, "Yeah... right," knowing I will have one. I have even purposely not gotten the box of chocolate chip cookie dough out of the freezer when she has asked for it and gotten the cookies I do not like instead. I have no will power when it comes to these cookies.

It takes me about a week to get rid of the craving of sweets such as these and while I am off from work is no better time to do this. It also helps when the Summer season brings foods full of natural sweetness.

The first week is the hardest though. Ughhh!


  1. Angela, I'm trying to resist a piece of Banana Bread w/ drizzle and nuts.

    It's hard.... So why in the world do I bake it, if I know I have to resist it....

    OK, I'll just have one slice...maybe two, hot coffee...Join me Angela!

  2. Striking a sympathetic chord is an up to standard idea

  3. I know what you speak off I need the will power

    love you

  4. Now, you know what would have made this comic strip perfect? Is if the woman was looking at the fridge, and had withheld the temptation. Then someone walked by with the donuts in their hands, eating them...and then all hell broke loose. HA HA HA HA HA