Friday, June 25, 2010

Doggone It!

Miss Sophie doesn't feel good.

When you have a pet that lives "inside" the house with you, one of the advantages is that you recognize when your pet isn't feeling well. I noticed Sophie licking her paws excessively and would have to get on her about it. Then she would whip her head to her tail area and lick and bite. I started checking her for fleas and sure enough, I found some bites. I picked her up and shaved all of her hair off. Sophie usually fights me on this, but she let me this time with no problems so it didn't take me all day, which was nice... but also told me she didn't feel good. I have been walking the girls around the block in the morning and at night and thought maybe this is when she picked up the flea. As the next day approached, I noticed Sophie didn't want to eat and was wanting me more to hold her than anything. It is so hard with your pet's because they can't tell you what is going on. Charlie couldn't stand seeing her miserable and asked me to take her to the vet. She needed her adult exam and some vaccinations, so I thought I might as well get this done too while I am there.

As soon as our Veterinarian's office was open I made the appointment and was relieved to get right in. As soon as I turned the corner to drive in the parking lot, as if she knew, Sophie started howling the most pitiful cry, sounding like a very sad country western song (believe me, she knows how to work it), that eventually turned into a scream. I made the mistake and tried talking to her, hoping it would calm her, only encouraging her to continue this. I think she was hoping that I would feel much sympathy and take her home. I parked the car in front of the office and a rush of embarrassment and dread washed over me as I looked to the right and saw all the outside tables full of patrons in front of Starbucks drinking their coffee and enjoying the morning. I took a deep breath and opened the door to my car and immediately, everyone looked over to see what in the world the horrible cry was coming from in my car. I started cracking up and looked apologetically at the crowd of people for bringing that sad energy to their morning and also for me for looking like I was an insensitive schmuck who enjoyed her pet in agony. Geez!

Sophie is a mess...
She has deep anal glands which were a little swollen, allergies, and some bites that were on their way of getting infected. Sophie had some blood work done to see if her seizure medication was affecting her organs and I was relieved that it came back all good. Also, no fever, a good sign there wasn't an infection going on inside.

After getting probed, poked, pricked, expressed and much $$$.$$ later, she is on the road to recovery.

I don't feel good.

I want to go home.

Waiting for the blood results, looking at the bottom of the door hearing footsteps. Oh my gosh ~ he is coming!

I am not looking at the camera... you know I hate coming here.


  1. Oh Angela, how I relate to Sophie's story. We just had a similar one with Molly.

    They are such family members... what would we do without them.

    The pictures are so dang cute, even if she wasn't feeling good.

    Glad the report was good and she's doing better! Molly sends greetings.

    LOL:Wanda Mom

  2. Poor little Sophie, I hope she's feeling better now?
    She must have been so uncomfortable.
    I'm sure with her usual TLC from Charlie and you, she will soon be back to normal.

  3. The depth of our capacity to love is also reflected in how we treat our pets.

    Glad to know that Sophie is on the mend. Give her a little schnoozle for me. A cheek chuck wouldn't hurt either.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog postings.

  4. are too darn cute.

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  6. that was so cute! i hope he's doing fine :)

  7. Awe well I am glad sophie's mama got her all taken care of so she is on the road to recovery!

    love ya