Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomato, Tomaato ~

Does it really matter? Either way it is good!

"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."

Lewis Grizzard

Last year we planted two tomato plants in two half-wine barrels. Nothing happened. They didn't even grow! Charlie and I figured out it was the soil we used and I think I over watered them. This year Charlie has been in charge of the tomato plants and they are standing almost 6' tall! I have strict instructions not to have anything to do with them; I keep wanting to water them. Charlie said they like to be thirsty. Whatever he is doing, it is working. The cherry tomato plant has little green cherry tomato's all over it! The beefy tomato plant is getting ready to burst with tomato's too!

I may not know how to grow them, but I do love to eat them!

I have memories of when we lived in Merced, my parents turned 1/3 of our backyard into a huge vegetable garden. During the summer we would plant squash, tomato's, corn, strawberries, and several different type of melon's. I would swim all day and eat tomato's and strawberries almost as fast as they would turn their shade of red. My mom would yell from the house, "Angela, you are going to get sick!"

My mom would have us do our share of weeding the garden. If we didn't do our part, we couldn't go swimming. My mom was smart because it gave us a good incentive and kept the garden weeded (okay ~ it also taught us how to be responsible, to appreciate where our food came from and all the hard work it takes to provide it). However, my sister wouldn't always do her part, and therefore would not get to go swimming. My aunt who also lived with us and is not that much older than me, would not always want to go swimming; she burned very easily. Do you know how lonely it is to swim by yourself when your little? I would end up doing my sister's part so she could go swimming, or rather I had someone to swim with (ulterior motives). Let's just say she learned quickly how to manipulate the situation, taking advantage and pretty much not have to do any weeding.

I can remember my mom and dad being proud, besides the meat entree', it all came from our garden. My mom would cut beef stake tomato's into thick slices adding sliced red onions and cucumbers, putting this all in a dish and pouring a homemade red vinegar dressing over it. This would marinate for a good part of the day. My dad would come home from work and BBQ steaks as my mom prepared the rest of the meal, picking from the garden.

Wow ~ all that from a tomato!

As I compare our two little wine-barrels to the garden I grew up with, it brings pleasant thoughts of that sweet taste of summer and reminds me to embrace the summer as it unfolds before me.



  1. I'm glad you are listening to Charlie and not watering the tomato plants. A guy's gotta have some diversions of his own. lol

    We gave up our vegetable gardening when Maryann began her hip problems and the cancer was diagnosed. We still do flower gardening. You may have noticed the photos on my FB page. Many of the flower photos are from our yard.

    I didn't really appreciate tomatoes until after my first trip to Viet Nam. But, that's another story.

    Great photos as usual. Thanks.

  2. Oh Charlie's tomatoes are already turning... ours are still small and green, but one plant is almost as tall as the fence!!

    Come on BLT Sandwiches!!

  3. I remember the garden and the rules
    wonder where your dad and mom got them from!

    sweet memories

    love you

  4. OMG! And do you remember the zucchini's! They would be as big as watermelon's sometimes! I'm sorry you were lonely swimming, and that I'm so darn white!

    We planted a new apple tree - it's called a four-way apple tree. Has four differnt types of apples grafted onto it. Hopefully we'll see some fruit next year.

    We also planted zucchini, and am thinking of the Merced garden each time a new one shows up. Planted pumpkins too, but we've been so cold that only yesterday I finally saw a little one inch green pumpkin starting!

  5. Kim I do remember the zucchini! It's funny how a garden can bring back such fond memories. I am glad you are growing your own veggies!


    Your apple tree sounds interesting! I wish I had room for one. Let me know how they turn out next year! You'll have to send me a picture of it. We can't keep them in the house, we eat them so fast!