Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Owl

Although I forgot to change the setting on my camera, I still liked the pictures that I got. The owl is on top of the pine tree in the first and second photo's. In the last photo, it is taking off.

One of my favorite ways to pass the time while camping is relaxing around the fire. One evening on a recent trip, there was an owl that came and landed on the top of a pine tree next to us after the sun went down. The owl would hoot to an owl in another tree and they would go back and forth like that. I couldn't help but wonder what they were saying to each other; "Hey, I don't see any rodents on this side, how about over there?"


  1. They probably were saying, "Who, WHOOOOOO is that taking your picture, hope she takes mine too but I'm too shy, WhOOOOOOO knows, maybe I'll be on a Blog sometime!" hehe

  2. Literally laughing out loud!

    You are too funny!
    Thank you Cinda for the laugh, it did my heart good!


  3. Oh Cinda is funny.... I was laughing too.

    My thought from an artist point of view, is you did this with ink and watercolor....

    I love the colors and fluid in these photo...

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

    BTW Have you checked in with Kansas Bob?

  4. YOU are welcome Angela! YOU are like me! I LOVE to watch birds and animals! I was just watching a squirrel this morning on my porch scurrying along the railing then to the porch floor then back up! I think it doesn't take much to get them spoiled as I threw out peanuts 2 days in a row, those nuts that are in the bottom of a mixed can of nuts and I think that is what he was looking for! Now, I'll have to start getting nuts all the time now! They are soOOOOoO cute but I have a racoon that comes by every night and he isn't even scared, someone said it might be rabid! eeEEEEKKKk!

  5. what beautiful shots you are so talented with that camera of yours! hopefully one day I will be with mine!!l0l!

    hope you are enjoying your vacation

    sending hugs and love