Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Short Jaunt

While camping at Sunset Beach, we experience some overcast days; which do not bother me, but everyone else gets a little antsy. In stead of hanging out on the camp grounds, we take some short jaunt's to (on separate days) Capitola and Pacific Grove.

In Pacific Grove there are some rocky parts along the ocean, that you can walk around and inspect the tide pools. In this photo, I see a rock formation of a seal basking in the sun, with it's nose up in the air. Do you see it?

I talked with this nice lady who works for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Her job is to keep track of the sea otters that have been tagged by logging where they are and what they are eating. The newspaper this morning had an article stating that, "Scientists are reporting a decline in the number of sea otters on the Central California Coast. Lab tests show the marine mammals are mainly dying from disease carried by parasites, viruses and bacteria found in sewage as well as urban and farm runoff."


Returning from our venture out on the rocks, Sophie heard some odd chirping and wanted to investigate what it was coming from.

How cute! It kept Sophie occupied!


  1. You know you are at my very favorite places. I have good memories of Pacific Grove...

    And yes, your rock formation is perfect... I love it!!

    Think of you often....with love.

    Wanda Mom

  2. Way cute Angela. Have a lot of fun! What a different summer this summer than the last one! Whew!

  3. Those rocks look like a squirrel, crouched flat, nose to the right and its bushy tail curled up to the left.
    Its sad to hear that we humans are polluting things so badly our fellow friends are suffering. That woman has a superb job, one that I'd love to do.
    He's cute chap in the last picture.

  4. I love the rock formation how awesome
    and cute photo of the little surprise in the rocks!

    love and hugs