Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maintenance ~

Charlie had a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day last week and I met him there at the medical clinic. He had asked me how my day was going as we were waiting for the nurse to call his name. I told him that it was going okay. He wanted to know what I had done and I proceeded to tell him that I had bought a body scrub and was trying to get rid of the dryness on my legs. I went on to tell him how lucky he was that he didn't have to take so much time trying to keep himself up.

In my early twenties, my girlfriend Evie cut my hair at the salon that she worked at. I mentioned to her how the lady next to her station always looked so polished; her skin, nails, hair and make-up. Evie just smiled at me and nodded her head yes. As soon as the lady had walked in the back for her break, Evie told me that this lady would take Saturday off and spend it on herself. She would start the day with a body scrub and massage, facial, tweeze, give herself a manicure and pedicure. Every Saturday. She didn't have any children and her husband traveled. I can remember feeling sad for this lady. She looked polished from head to toe, but something told me that she would rather have no time to do this because she had to run errands, watch her children's play or game and start dinner. She is a sweet lady and I run into her from time to time. Nothing has changed.

I think about her every time I try to find time for myself in that way.

I told Charlie this story and it made him think about what women have to go through to take care of themselves. I added that was just part of it. There was another part of maintaining that was also spiritual, mental, and physical. There just isn't enough time! Honestly, I dread scrubbing myself and when I do, I only think about the things I really want to do. I guess it is like exercising; you dread it, don't want to do it, but feel better once you have.


  1. Ah, there is that! I think the people who look polished are probably the ones with nothing else to do or think about.

    I know as I grow older and deal with the problems of aging I'm struck again and again that 80% of what we worry about never happens and I believe 80% of the effort to look good says more about our insecurities than about how our hearts are functioning. In CA it must be doubly hard as you have so many famous people about who spend their lives pretending to be someone else and getting paid enormous sums to do it and then cramping your services because they want all the money anyway. What else do they have. You have God in your heart and Holy Spirit living in your temple.

  2. Phew! My skin gets really dry in the winter and if that body scrub works! let me know Angela!! LOL

  3. I confess~~~~~ I am not polished!

    But I do get a pedicure once a month.... So my toes are polished!!!

    Love your discription Angela. You are such a good story writer.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  4. What are you talkin' about? You are one lady I admire and think is very polished! From the inside out, outside in! I look up to you!

    Love LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  5. I agree with Wanda, you write very well.

    You may not realize it, but you have already begun part of your journey. I see it as your spiritual outlook. You see the beauty around you and you share that with the world. It may seem to take energy, but I believe you get energy from that outlook. You also share energy the same way.

    As for the external beauty of polished nails, that's nice. However, sitting with Charlie at the Doctor's office must be even nicer. You are able to talk with him about things that matter to you both. Would you have had the time for that otherwise?

    My best to you both.

  6. interesting but truthful post!

    I love you kiddo


    p.s. how did Charlies appt go?