Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where The Wild Flowers Grow ~

A part of camping is being outside the majority of the time. Let's face it, being cooped up in a trailer just isn't fun; it does get small really fast. Although I have to admit staying inside has its perks when there is an occasional down pour or thunderstorm. It is nice to retreat to the trailer and play some board games while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate waiting for it to pass, listening to the rain hit the tin roof.

Being a part of the great outdoors, you can see how many different flowers that grow wild in different parts of the state. Something that I would love to do is go on hikes that focus on wild flowers. Every spring, I will read the many trails that you can take in the news paper that do just this. It never fails, I have something going on which doesn't allow me to go. For instance, I would love to hike in to see the
California Vernal Pools. I am so interested in learning about these different flowers (I will have to go to the Library and check out some books this summer).

Now I know this is not a flower and it is a bush. My mom and I where checking out the different wild flowers and we both noticed how this bush was foaming. Kinda scary! We were afraid to touch it! Does anyone have any knowledge about this bush and why it does this?

*Click on photo collage and picture to see it in a larger view.


  1. we should go on some wildflower hikes

    love you

  2. Oh I'm glad you didn't touch it.... looks scary...a foaming plant.

    Would love to go on one of those trails with you Angela.

    That's a great collage of pics.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  3. What great photos. What camera are you using?

    You have made me think of posting some of my own flower photos. Sometimes I just cannot resist taking photos of them.

    As for the "foaming" plant, I haven't the foggiest notion what it is. However, I wonder if foam is some sort of insect "habitat". Please keep us informed.


  4. I haven't the slightest idea what it is, but I think you were wise not to touch it. Yikes, could have been bad! Might not be, but I figure if a bush foams it is up to something and it may not be good.

  5. Hi Angela ~~ Just read your comment and want you to know Kansas Bob did everything for me. He's such a sweet man and if you go back to my comments, he left you a message, and will help youdo anythng you want.... and he does it for fun, not money. click on his name in my post, and go visit him.
    I so happy with the new look. It feels like something new is happening to me and I like that. Also I decided to run a Wanda's Watercolor Art Gallery on my side bar and share old and new paintings.

    Guess what.... I just got an order for a print....

    God is Good.... and new things ahead for both of us...

    Love and Hugs my dearest one
    Wanda Mom

  6. It could be "spittle" bugs causing the foaming. We've had them a couple of times on a variety of bushes. A bit bigger than an aphid, but not as big as a ladybug. As they eat the plant, they "foam" as part of the process. Safe bet was as you and your Mom did, not touch it, but I'm pretty sure it would have just left slime on your hand! :) Here's more info on them:

  7. The foam is 'Cuckoo Spit'. We get it a lot in the tall grass. The froth is a defensive measure on behalf of the juvenile Froghopper insect. If you're careful you can get the spit in your hand and uncover the little chap. They're usually only 2-3mm long at this age and bright green. Completely harmless, make sure you put him back with a good dollop of spittle.