Thursday, March 5, 2009

quiet time

Last week was a bumpy one. There were a couple of situations that came up at work that needed to be ironed out this week. We had a meeting today and I am glad to say that all is well. I came home feeling tired, but also wanting to get some things done. Rob is coming home tomorrow, mainly to see his lovely wife, but I will get to visit with him a little too.

Our dishwasher is not working and I have been playing phone tag with the repair man. The earliest he can come to fix it, is on Monday (we have yet to set a time). I washed the morning dishes and wiped the counters down, watered my plants in the kitchen window thinking, 'I am going to have to move them soon. The sun has been coming out more and they will burn if I don't... where am going to move them?'

I started thinking about lunch and what I was going to fix myself? I looked into the pantry; nothing looked good. I went to the refrigerator and opened up the door to see a container holding some leftover deviled egg salad that my daughter made her dad for lunch. I smiled, knowing that she always makes enough for me too. I cut an apple into wedges and sat down to eat my lunch, occasionally sharing with the girls. My stomach was satisfied. I took a shower, ran a comb through my wet hair and put on my Harley Davidson sweatshirt, faded jeans and pulled on my fatbabys. I was a little cold and decided to make myself some Chai tea. I sat outside, while the warmth of the sun was felt by my body. As I sat, sipping my tea, a little bird was singing a song; I suppose that it was happy too! I felt very blessed in that moment. I didn't feel alone, but was very comfortable being by myself. I felt content and happy to be me.


  1. I wish I had been the little birdie singing you a song.....

    I bought a pair of black sweats at Wal*Mart that are loose, soft and comfortable.... I find I'm living in them. I need to go back an get another pair.

    Thanks for your info on your procedure...We are twins now...just call of the Clippy Twins!!

    Love you tons
    Wanda Mom

  2. There is such joy to be had in these simple rituals. I would have enjoyed sitting in the sun with you, sharing some chai (my favourite) but it would not have been as peaceful for you...LOL
    big hugs

  3. what kind of procedure did you have?

    I am glad that you got to enjoy a quite moment for your self and catch your breath I love when I get to have those which is fairly rarely these days!!
    enjoy your little time with Rob give him our love and a big hug

    big hug and lot's of love to you