Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gardening Table

This gardening table was handed down to a great grand-daughter who is a friend of my daughters. They were going to tear it apart and she said, "Absolutely NOT!"

I thought that this one was so unique! Notice the old antique french door (or could it be a window?) placed on its side to serve as the back panel on top of the table? Beautiful!

This garden table is in a favorite store that I like to go to and the table is huge! I love how they incorporated it indoors.

This one is the one that I built myself (with a little help from Charlie).

I had been looking for a gardening table for a couple of years. The only spot that I could put it was on the side of our house. The problem with that was, it had to be narrow enough so that we could still walk with ease. Well, I found one last year at the same time we found out that Charlie had cancer. He then started getting his chemo treatments and was in no shape to put it together for me. It sat in the garage for four months. One day, I tried putting it together myself and right away, ran into complications with not understanding the instructions. I put everything back the way that I had found it. I needed Charlie to help me.

That was a hard time for me. I hadn't realized how much I depended on my husband for so many things. I remember one time while he was in the hospital, our water heater had stopped heating the water. For the entire week, Diandra and I were taking cold showers. It was horrible! In addition, my car needed the oil to be changed, Diandra's car battery died (twice!), our taxes needed to be filed, and now reflecting, it seems my list could conintue, neverending. It felt like every time I turned around, I needed Charlie because I didn't know how to do something. I didn't like feeling that way. Under the circumstances, it was plain ol' scary.

I got tired of the box with the picutre of my gardening table staring at me everytime I went out to the garage. It just reminded me of what I could not do, which further made me feel incapable. I pulled my car out and I cut the box wide open this time, so that I couldn't put everything back in it. I continued to lay out all of the parts to my gardening table. I read the instructions very carefully to myself, so that they could be comprehended. After about four hours, Charlie came out to the garage and pulled out a chair to sit and watch me. He instructed me how to put the rest of table together where I was having problems.

Every time I use my gardening table or even walk by it, I can't help but think of what it felt like after I put it together. I feel a bit of pride for teaching myself how to complete a task which I felt overpowered me.



  1. Angela you did it..!
    I'm proud of you, and I'll bet Charlie is too. Your gardening table is fabulous, and I love the pictures of the others you posted as well.
    love you

  2. very cool photos, I to am proud of you! you are capable of doing anything in this world that you want to do! I relate to how you feel though

    love and hugs to you


  3. Congratulations on your perseverance. Many tasks can seem quite daunting at times. With a little luck and some great backup, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

    Of course it is quite helpful to realize that I am not capable of doing some tasks. That is why we have "experts". giggle.

    As usual your photos are fantastic. Keep up your good works.

    My best to Charlie too.

  4. I don't think there is anything quite a lovely and unique as gardening benches or tables.

    You photo's are exquisite, and your masterpiece, the best!

    That will be someting I want to do in my back yard one of these days.

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  5. Angela! It is scary! I used to do all those things when I was single. Didn't even question it. But, now that Eric usually does it I find my brain going blank when that kind of stuff comes up. Really though, all I have to do is "act" like I'm going to do it myself and Eric always takes it over. Silly man.

  6. i love your gardening table ... how wonderful that you made it yourself :-) i am inspired!! xo