Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Conversation Overheard

I recently had to fill in for a fellow co-worker at another school and overheard a conversation between two First graders:

boy ~ Are you going to sit by me today?
girl ~ NO!
boy ~ (Sad) Why won't you sit by me? I want you to.
girl ~ You know why I won't sit by you.
boy ~ Please, I won't do it!
girl ~ No, I don't trust you.
boy ~ Please, I promise not to do it. Please, I want you to sit by me.
girl ~ (Hesitating) Okay... BUT, if you do that disgusting thing, I am going to move and NEVER sit by you again.
boy ~ (very happy) I won't! I promise! I won't do that disgusting thing.

I wanted to ask the girl what he had done that was so disgusting, but could only look around to see if anyone else had heard the conversation that I had just heard.

I just giggled as they left the serving cart.

Too cute!


  1. I often leave the room when my husband does "the disgusting thing"...and on occation I have even left the bed ;)

    ...we are talking about the same disgusting thing right?

    love you,
    xox d

  2. Now I'm really curious..!
    I have such a vivid imagination..!

  3. I remember that place. Peanut butter balls. Mmmmmm! HAHAHA!

  4. what a cute little conversation to
    over hear. makes you wonder!
    well perhaps the boy did the disgusting thing because he likes the little girl!

    big hug and love


  5. Anything to get that "girl" reaction! And then that little smirk "boys" have on their face afterwards. Makes the world go round. LOL