Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Window of Time

I had to run some errands and took the country route back home. I drove slow taking my time trying to be conscious of breathing. I drove by this orchard of almond trees and pulled my car over. I got out and walked the rows of trees. There was a warm breeze blowing. I just stood there feeling a rush of peace wash over me. The fragrance of spring in the air and the bees busy humming while doing their work drifted all around me. The blossom petals were floating to the ground as the wind picked up blowing through the trees. I felt comforted by acknowledging how God cared with great detail in what may seem small and trivial in the great scheme of things... He is doing that even with my life. It has been so busy with everything that has been going on, I felt as if we were having some one on one time together. I didn't want to leave.

I have often wondered if the amount of blossoms on the trees lets one know what kind of crop they are getting. Some orchards are sparse and faded in color with their blossoms while others are abundant and vibrant with their blossoms. Or does it mean it is a different type of nut or fruit?

I am wishing I could put my bed under this canopy of blossoms.

Is it just me or can you see the rays of light bursting from a sunlit shaped heart?

I am reminded to see the trees in the forest...

I love the shade of pink here in this blossom

Up close and personal


  1. Absolutely beautiful ~~ I did the same thing in the peach orchard the other day ~~ It was so good to just get out of the house, put away the packing for a few hours, and walk up and down those rows of blossoms!!

    The last picture on your blog is to die for ~~ it so magnificent!!

    I'm so glad you took a window of time for Angela ~~
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  2. Drag your bed there. It looks worth the effort!

    I'm glad God got to breathe through you.

    Love you...

  3. I too am glad to see you took some Angela time. I hope you continue to do that for yourself now and then.

    beautiful photos! I love them all but especially the heart shaped sun one!

    sending you much
    love and Hugs

    love ya

  4. *sigh* such beauty!

    hugs to you

  5. Beautiful pictures! Almond blossoms are my favorite then cherry blossoms.

  6. This is so beautiful! Thanks for stopping there and showing it to us.
    Yes, God's creation is just wonderful.

  7. how incredibly beautiful .. much love

  8. I love what you wrote. I had a simliar experience this morning.

  9. Beautiful. I can't wait for Spring.
    But I guess I must, it will be here around the end of April, beginning of May..!

  10. oooh what beautilful pictures! You my dear are awsome.Wonderful words also much love Mom

  11. I'm nearly exhausted by the beauty of the photos, whether stark with branches and trunks or leading down an near unending avenue of blossoms to the very heart of the blossom where fruit will grow! That is where all bedrooms should be made, in an avenue of blooming trees! All the time.