Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Boxing gloves necklace by Free People Clothing Boutique

Charlie and I were on our way home from his first kidney surgery that was unsuccessful. As I was driving I had glanced over at him to make sure he was okay; he looked so down and beaten. I immediately pictured myself in the corner of a ring of a boxing match. I started telling him of my vision. I am rubbing the boxers shoulders telling him he has to block himself. He got hit in the head and went down. He was able to get up before the count and was a little dazed. Someone was putting smelling salts under his nose. He was fully alert and the bell rang. The boxer goes back out to the center of the ring and is ready to fight again. The boxer is my husband. He loves this sport. As I finish telling him my vision, he just looks at me with a crooked little smile and says, "Oh yeah, is that how you see it?" I smiled back at him and said, "Yeah, I married a fighter! You are going to win. My money is on you!" I noticed that he sat a little straighter when I was finished.

If it is something I have learned through this journey is how one communicates to another. I have noticed that when I start hearing the word "If" come out of my husband's mouth or others that are visiting him, I immediately change it to "WHEN". Someone who is going through something like this has to have positive ~ positive ~ encouraging words. It can make all of the difference sometimes.


  1. A positive attitude can make so much difference that's true. The comparison to a boxer was good, and something Charlie could identify with. I'm glad you are keeping your spirits up, together you can beat this..
    Big hugs to you both

  2. How true Angela! What a wonderful gift to be able to communicate with C. that way. You are such an encourager ~~ !

    We missed you at Bible Study this morning ~~ It's not the same without you.

    LOL:)Wanda Mom

  3. My money is on Charlie. Because he's got YOU. And because God's got you both, girl.

    Love you...

  4. I agree. We have to stay positive.
    With God's help we are able to do that.
    The battle belongs to the Lord.
    You are in my prayers.

  5. I remember you telling me this story. I dont think they use salts in boxing, I thought it was something else. I dont know. I see dad having the boxer spirit as well. Love you.

  6. you are so right a positive vibe from family and friends will help win this fight and that is our Charile

    Love ya

  7. So true, my love ~

    you are strength and beauty
    you are a pillar of grace
    you are mighty and merciful

    hmmmmm???...sounds a little like our Lord :)

    i luv u
    xOx d

  8. Angela,
    You are boxing right along with him and know that we are all in your corner cheering you both on.
    Lots of love and good thoughts.

  9. Charlie has the right chick in his corner. NO doubt.
    Thinking of you ANg. Mum told me what you are going through...

  10. keep on fighting ... sending you love and hugs ... xo

  11. I came over from Yolanda's blog. I will pray for your husband and for your daughter. God is with you.

    Blessings, Sharon