Saturday, March 29, 2008

A "Lucy" Moment

Last August of 2007, I decided that I would add to my exercise regime by joining a fitness gym that was being built. They said completion of the facility would be in December. Well, we all know how that is with construction and it wasn't completed until February of this year. I had been eager with a plan to start in a particular water aerobic class that this fitness gym was providing. I understand that it is an excellent exercise in an overall fitness for you. When I joined last summer I had not estimated my husband getting cancer... unfortunately with my husband being so weak and getting his chemo treatments, time has not given me a chance to go like I had planned weekly. There have been on occasion some windows of time that I have had a chance to go.
I got my swim suit out (shook the dust from it - just kidding, but that does tell you it has been a long time since I have gotten into my swimsuit), put it on, letting out a ghast seeing myself in the mirror, I took my swimsuit off and threw it on the bed. I was not going to the class until I looked better in that suit (Silly me... I am being way to hard and critical on myself . In all honesty, I had gotten that suit years ago, my body has changed and I really need to get another one and when you get right down to it ~ WE all have bodies and SO WHAT!!). I was disappointed with myself for not going. I am frugal when money is being spent and on top of what I was feeling with what is going on with the medical bills rolling in and prescriptions having to be filled. Paying a monthly fee for something that was not being used was getting to me. I went back into my room, put my swimsuit in a tote bag, threw in a towel, jumped into my car with a determination that I was going to do this!

I got to the front desk to check in and told them this was my first time visiting the gym and could they explain the procedure and direct where I needed to go. As they explained that I would put my belongings into an empty locker I knew that I would have to buy a lock (by the way, it took me forever to figure out how to open it with the combination). I got into my swimsuit, put on my cover up and walked barefoot (making a mental note to self - bring flip flops... for those of you that were kids growing up in the 70's, did you know that they are not called thongs anymore? My daughter informed me of that) out of the locker room, across the weight room, to where I could see the pool. By the looks that I was getting I knew something was wrong. I wasn't supposed to be there. All my instincts told me to turn around now and go back into the locker room and that is just what I did. I saw a lady and asked, "Excuse me, how do I get to the pool?" She started to laugh and asked me " Honey, did you go into the weight room?" as I nodded my head yes, she proceeded to tell me where I needed to go. With my delight I learned that there was a back door from the locker room going into the swimming area... duh! Why would they want people to walk through the weight room across the carpet wet

I was a little early and noticed before the class started people got into the pool to warm up and talk to each other. It's been a while since I have gotten into a public pool; our back yard pool has steps going down, you just walk in. I take off my cover up, and lay it on the bench beside the pool. I walk over to the side of the pool and decide to go in by the ladder that was closest to me instead of walking across the room in my bathing suit to where I see the steps are (I do not like drawing attention to myself). I got to the ladder held on going into the water frontwards. Just so you know ~ for people like me, let me warn you before hand, you cannot go into the water that way. Further more, you can not climb or go down a ladder that way unless the ladder is at a very good slant which the ladder going into the water is not! It is going straight down. Well, let me just tell you, I felt like I had a "I love Lucy" moment. Right away, I felt awkward going down the ladder frontwards and lost my grip, slipping into the water, going under, swallowing water and choking. So much for not drawing attention to myself...

I observed how everyone took instructions and followed the lead. I noticed that a few of the ladies got into the jacuzzi afterwards. As I was spraying off, they asked me to join them. I told them, "I have some errands to do and had to get home but thanks for asking me to join them." They said, "Maybe next time." I did my errands with a wet head, smelling like a chlorine tablet. To my surprise I was freezing, starving and tired. I got home took a hot shower, ate some yogurt and a bowl of cereal, and laid down for a little nap. I woke up three in a half hours later.
The next class, I brought flip flops, had practiced opening up my combination lock, and didn't go through the weight room. I sat in the Jacuzzi with the ladies to warm up after the class too. They gave me some advice to get some water shoes so that I have more traction in the water... it helps keeping stable with the movements. I still came home exhausted and had a long nap.

I am proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new. I have enjoyed this class immensely and I am so glad that I made myself do this.


  1. you never told me that you almost drowned???

    I loved the pictures of the water
    ladies :)

    you can take me there any time!

    love you,
    xo darlene

  2. thanks for sharing this! I've been wanting to go to a yoga class for ages, but i'm a bit afraid to go. you see, i want to be able to do and know yoga, before i do it in front of other people...which of course is insane as i can't learn it unless i actually go to a class... :D

    much love to you

  3. Ok, a question...where do you get water shoes? I'm trying to convince myself to take this same kind of class. Only first I have to get a bathing suit. Oh dear.

  4. YOU are SUCH a goof girl! Hee hee hee.

    Going down frontwards on steps like those would be hard on the arms too. Ouch!

    <3 you

  5. I am so glad to hear and see that you found something you are enjoying
    and that it is relaxing you to get the much needed rest you need. seems like it is not only good for your body, mind, it is good for your soul!

    thanks for being inspiring

    love ya

  6. Is this the second times you've almost drowned ~~~ remember getting my heart in the sand pic ~~ that I never used ~~ You are a doll ~~ and I'm very proud of you !!

    Missed you while I was gone! We have 2 weeks together ~~call me!!

  7. Oh my goodness - that Lucy moment is priceless. I'm so glad your second foray was much better.

    Good for you!!!!

  8. I remember you telling me this story..I am proud of you mom. Miss you like crazy!!!

  9. I had to laugh. I could identify. For Christmas presents this year Sandy decided we should join the local In Shape club. I went three weeks. Hurt my back and haven't been back since. Sandy has been two or three times, and Jamison once. Great investment. But you can't help but feeling guilty for not going.
    By the way, I bought two bathing suits and have yet to use the pool. And it is heated!

    Love, U J