Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Yellow Rose ~

My post on Moss Landing brought back a memory and made me realize how much I enjoy spending time with my husband. He seen a side to me in how I reacted to someone paying me a compliment. It makes him giggle and shake his head to this day.

On our visit to Moss Landing this last November, I wanted to get out and take pictures of specific things. Charlie (without us knowing he had cancer) was feeling easily exerted and opted to just stay in the truck rather than walk around with me. He parked his truck and I got out to take my pictures. I started down the street and shortly after he drove up to me, he said he was going to get a bottle of apple juice, that we have our cell phones and I can call him when I am ready. I strolled down the road and clicked away, all along keeping a careful watch out for my husband. He was taking longer than I expected, so I went into a quaint little store and almost ran into a man with a bouquet of yellow roses. I immediately said "Oh, I am sorry." He looked at me and exclaimed, "You have the most beautiful eyes, what color are they?" I said blushing, "They are green." He said, "They are really very pretty!" I said, "Well, thank you." We went on our separate ways and I proceeded to go into the store. I listened to another couple that were in the store browsing the antiques. I assumed that they were just friends as he talked about his previous girlfriend... and well, pretty much about himself, went on about what they were going to do with the rest of their day and then they kissed (and not like friends). yuck! I felt like shaking that woman. Telling her she deserved better and to think more of herself than to go out with someone like that. I felt sad for her. :(
I went on to the next store, all the while looking out for Charlie. I started to get worried thinking it had been too long, I thought, 'Did something happen to him?.... did he leave me?' I walked out to the side of the street looking down for him ... nothing. I then looked at the snack shack to see if he was sitting there waiting for me. Nope! Well, then I started to get a little mad. (Now ladies, isn't it in that sequence that we feel those emotions?! LOL!) As I turned the corner, I ran into that man again! I said I was sorry again. He pulled out a yellow rose and gave it to me. He had broken English and silly me said, "Oh no, I don't want to buy a rose." He shook his head and said, "For you, from me." Again he complemented me on my eyes. I started to get nervous thinking 'Where is my husband?!' He asked me, "Are you from around here?" I thought, 'Ha! What a line!' Charlie will do that to me even now when we are in a restaurant as he comes back from the restroom. I told him, "No, my husband and I are just visiting." He asked, "Are you enjoying this beautiful weather?" I said, "Yes." He proceeded to ask me if we came here quite often? I said, "Yes." He said, "Well I hope to see you again with the beautiful eyes." Whew! dripping with sweat! He went walking down the street one way ~ I went the other and around the fence. I just stood there. I peeked around the fence to see where the man was... thinking, 'WHERE is CHARLIE!!' I then got my phone and called him. Charlie answered, "Hey baby." I asked him, "Where ARE you?!!" He said sweetly, "I am parked right in front of the antique store with the horse.... Babe? is that you peeking around the fence? What are you doing?" I said, "Charlie, I will be right there." He said, "Babe, I will drive there and pick you up." I got into the truck and he asked me where I got the rose. I told him the whole story and then teasingly said to him, "See, this is why you shouldn't leave me". He pulled me close to him and said "You're silly, hiding behind a fence." Giving me a kiss, "You do have beautiful eyes."


  1. I know you told me this story a while back but I still get a kick out of
    hearing it!

    by the way you do have beautiful eyes!!!

    Love Ya

  2. I love it and you do have beautiful eyes. Surely you've been told that a hundred times before? I am so bad about taking compliments too. It is something we have to work on.

    What a sweet and charming story!

  3. I think you are jusa beautiful person all the way around.Thanks so much for your thoughts and Prayers. Did you ever get the test results back? I am still sending hugs and prayers your way .

  4. I love it...and you do have lovely eyes.