Monday, February 11, 2008


The gate that is locked

Possessive ~ showing the desire to possess

Protective ~ to shield from injury : GUARD

These last few weeks have been... well, how do I say nicely?... trying. I have been trying to help my husband by keeping up with the chores that he usually does when he gets home from work. He has been off more with two surgeries, Dr. appointments and with the pain. I just want to help him. He first was getting irritated with me because of the way it was making him feel. As the week wore on, he just couldn't do it. He still gets irritated, not so much with me, but it comes out in ways that it does to the ones that are the closest to you by snapping. At one point he said that I was being too possessive with him. I corrected him and said I was being protective. He said that there wasn't much of a difference between possessive and protection. I gave up the argument because I didn't want to exhaust him. But, I did tell him that if it were me going through this, I would like to see how he would handle it. I don't think it would be too different. The firewood is in the alley behind the locked gate that I have misplaced my key to (not a surprise ~ I am really bad at this). So I have to ask him for the key so that I can unlock the gate. He said irritated, "Ange! I can do it!" I said once again to him how he is in so much pain and has had two surgeries, just let me do it! We then compromised that he would only bring in one small log at a time. I agreed to that. I just figured that I would hurriedly fill the iron wood ring up before he could do too much. We both talked about when we would get the wood and it would be after I washed my car. He would rest in the mean time. As I was drying my car, he slowly walked out and said the guy who was putting the mural on his new trailer just called and said it was ready, he could pick it up. Big sigh! I said, "Why don't you let me go with you?" I could see in his eyes he needed a break from me. I then said, "Okay, why don't you leave me the key so that I can open up the gate and get the wood while you are gone?" He then looked at me like that wasn't fair. I then said, "Charlie, you are going to be worn out by the time you hook up your trailer to the truck. Just let me do it." Irritation shown as he handed me the ring of keys and said, "Don't lose these! It has all of my keys to unlock my tools to the old trailer." I immediately said "Well then, you be real good, and maybe I will give you the keys to everything they unlock... that my love, is what you call possessive." He got a smile on his face that followed with laughing. It's nice to see that we still can have a sense of humor through all of this.

Laughter is medicine for the heart.


  1. I have this love/hate thing with keys. When I get out of my car and head in to a store, 98% of the time I fail to put them in my handbag. I get in to the store, put them down while I look at something and then have to play hide-and-go-seek throughout the store to find them when it's time to leave!

    What a blessing that you and your husband can find some laughter when he's going through this. We all need someone to protect and help us, especially when we need it the most.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Times like this are trying. I went through it when my husband was so sick as well. It will bring you closer, it just doesn't feel like it right now. They snap at us when they feel rotten because subconsciously they know they can rely on us to take it and still love them. My bet is Charlie would be even more protective of you.
    I hope he enjoyed his chicken noodle soup, and before long he will be out back barbecuing for you..
    big hugs

  3. yeah...why IS that so, that we snap at people we love?!
    I am glad you can still laugh about all this. What else can you do, but make the best of it!!

  4. its always so good when we are able to turn things around and find the laughter that binds us ... much love, xo

  5. The best thing you can do at a time like this is just what you are doing....Talk, even if it hard, and painful, and even seems like arguement.
    Communication...the the key to all succesful relationships.
    You should have called me...I would have helped you bring in the firewood!!
    Love and Hugs darling
    Wanda Mom

  6. This sounds just like my wife and me. :)

  7. your right laughter is the best medicine and I agree with Wanda
    just keep him talking and Laughing
    (they say women are strange creatures
    I really think it is the men who

    Love ya