Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had woke up in the middle of the night freezing. Charlie was snoring. I must have said it was freezing out loud and was also surprised (he was just snoring) because he said to go and cuddle with him. He has been in so much pain that I have been afraid to hurt him by putting pressure on him with my arms or body. I told him my concern, that I didn't want to hurt him. He said, "You won't, move close to me." He started to snore again. I just lay there listening to him. The tears started to stream down the side of my cheek. I whispered, "Don't leave me." Gently holding me closer to him, he whispered back, "I won't leave you."


  1. ((((angela))))

    you're both in my prayers.
    much love to you.

  2. Angela, that's all he needs right now...you love, your closeness, your warmth.

    Holding you and Charly in my arms of love and prayers.

    Life is so strange, on the one hand we pray for Auntie to go, and for Charly to stay because he too young to go.

  3. hugs honey ... sending you both love and care ... xo

  4. Just know that I know and I wish I could be there to give you both a hug.

  5. angela...i just found out about this. my heart goes out to you and your husband and so do my prayers.

    be gentle on yourself and take moments to just breathe...breathe him in, breathe yourself in...moment by moment.

    i am so glad my sister is near you.

    love to you.

  6. this is a beautiful post that has
    brought tears to my eyes. Wanda is
    right just love each other.

    hugs to you both

    I love you both

  7. Deep Deep Deep love to you
    peace peace peace to C
    strength strength strength
    surrounding you all

    we are going to get through this love, together, the bonds we share are 3 fold

    and those folds are braided into an extremely thick rope and even then...

    this sight pales in comparison
    to our united FAITH!

    find some peace in the fact that others willingly are sharing your burden

    oh lovely kindred frister
    i love you
    xOx dar

  8. Love is all there is. Hold tight to each other, and all will be well. You are both in my prayers..

  9. I don't even know you but your post today brought tears to my eyes. Prayers are with you from so many that do know you and I had said one for you too.

  10. Tell you husband how much I sympathize with pain. I hurt my ankle... nothing as bad as what he's going through... and the initial chronic pain was so debilitating. He's lucky have you there beside him. Much warm and healing being sent your way today.

  11. This post brought back memories and tears to my eyes. My husband also went through a torrid year of the strongest chemo regime ever administered by the team who were treating him. Constant fears that the chemotherapy would damage his organs hung over us. I'm only telling you this because M has been clear for six years now. The bad times are behind us and we have touching memories of a family united in this battle to fight the cancer. M says we healed him with concentrated love and care.