Friday, February 1, 2008

Cherish every day that you have ~

That it will never come again
is what
makes life so sweet

Emily Dickinson


  1. you bring us ee cummings and Emily Dickerson -- 2 of my favorites! Thank you :)

  2. Oh, Angela,
    You got it on the head. I resent every day I don't feel good and when my DH doesn't feel good as it is too easy to get into picky-ness and not exercise the "fruits of the spirit!" I don't have that many days left to mess around with.

  3. Emily Dickerson has beautiful words with powerful meanings I so love that!

    Thanks for sharing

    Love ya

  4. Hi Angela,
    that is a beautiful post!
    I thank you for the nice and lengthy comment on my blog just now.
    I want you to know, that I was already praying for you and your husband today. If I say something, I do it!!!
    I went for my daily walk around our property (that takes me about half an hour), through our woods, and that is when I pray - loud - nobody but God and my dog hears me!! hahah.
    Yes, we can come up the driveway, it is a quarter of a mile long, but we all need allwheel drive. My son has a rental right now, he didn't make it up. But I told him, it is nice to enjoy the outdoors ;-)Have a great weekend.

  5. wow....marvellous picture...and poem ... nice combination thogether

    Thx for sharing :)

    nice weekend

  6. Beautiful...and Angela, I feel your (((((hugs))))))!!
    Wanda Mom

  7. Yes, this is true...and it certainly makes life that much sweeter. We live each day as if it was our last -- we must, no matter what we are facing. This is THE one -- and it is beautiful.

  8. hope all is going well- I'm still praying for both of you.

  9. Just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers with be with you tommorrow and this week.

  10. Gorgeous photo and words as well!