Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ask and He will deliver

Saturday morning, I quickly went out to get my niece's present for her birthday party which was being held later that day. I was very anxious the entire time I was gone, because I wanted to get back to Charlie. I had left him laying quietly on his recliner telling him not to move too much, and that I would be back soon. I had to check my speedometer constantly because I would catch myself driving too fast. When I got back home, Charlie was still in his chair, he was so weak and was not speaking very clearly. It scared me. He then said that he wanted chicken noodle soup. I looked in the cupboard to see if we had any. We did not. We had Chicken soup with rice, Chicken soup with wild rice and Chicken soup with Vegetables. He said he didn't want any of that, he wanted Chicken Noodle soup. I have jumped in my car going to get what ever he might be willing to eat ( I have thought as I was driving, if this is what he felt like when I was pregnant with a midnight craving for Taco Bell. I know this is quite different from being pregnant and having cancer, willing to eat and wanting to eat). The night before, I ran out because he wanted Mountain Mikes Pizza. Got it home and he would not eat any of it. It didn't "taste right." He just doesn't have an appetite. We have gotten Chinese food to only have it be thrown away (I can only eat so much, it seems even more now that he can't. I really don't feel like it). I immediately called Darlene to see if she had some Chicken Noodle soup. As soon as she heard my voice she knew something was up; I told her. She told her husband to look in the cupboard to see if they had any Chicken Noodle soup. I could hear him in the back ground telling her of the very same soups we had in our pantry {best friends ~ go figure ;) smile }. Darlene said that her husband was going to get some Chicken Noodle soup, and asked what kind did he like. I told her, "He likes Progresso but probably Campbell's," Darlene finished my sentence by saying "Because that is what he grew up on." I said "Yes." I was in the office talking to her and could see her husband backing out of the driveway onto the street, he pulled over to our other good friend and neighbor, they spoke for less than a minute and our friend went into his garage and came out with a case. I told Darlene what I saw and said "I asked for a can of Chicken Noodle soup and I am getting a case." We both started crying.

God is so good
He gently shows me that He is with us

He cares even about our wanting Campbell's chicken soup
We have the best good friends and neighbors
Friends that care and help carry our load

Friends that care, leave me encouraging comments and let me know that they are praying
Friends that let me know they are here for me


  1. that conversation started with you telling me you were...

    "*gulp* f i n e"

    silly girl ;)
    I know you too well

    God is good...he's got Charlie's back.

    and I've got yours :)

    love you
    xoxo d

  2. That is the perfect title for your post. It says it all.

    I thank God for all your good friends and relatives who live close to you. God does work in mysterious ways to answer your prayers.

    Much love

  3. What a blessing..a neighbor and "friends" like Dar and J!!

    I love when the Lord used people to give us just what we need, with some love added!!


  4. I love Darlene's words. "God is good...he's got Charlie's back." I know that this morning in service God was moving in a very special way. I'm praying for both of you.

    What a shock to hear this news! Dear Angela, I hold you both in my heart and just love you both. Thank God for being there with you. Love and healing from my lips to God's heart and back again to Charlie's body. Thank God for Doctor's and for friends who love us. Blessings!

  5. your friends Darlene is right
    God has Charlie's back and your
    your friends and family have yours

    love you

  6. Yes, thank God for our good friends that love us and support us through every thing.

  7. i found your blog and wanted to send you strong vibes for your husband - and support for you. the power of positive thought and much love from the east coast.