Wednesday, January 16, 2008

something that makes me think

May I Be

The Person

That My

Dogs Think I Am

I am always amazed by the greeting I receive at the door, by my dogs. Our three little girls don't only do this with me (but, mostly, giggle), they are always happy to see all of us. I can't help but greet them back in the same manner and will have to give every single one special attention before I get past our grandfather clock by the front door. If I don't give special attention, Sophie (the cream colored one) will start screaming. One time, my daughter said as I came in past the clock after giving special kisses, ooohs, ohhhhs and ahhhhs to the girls, I said, "Hi Baby," to Diandra. She gave me a very flat look and said, "Okay! How come I don't get special treatment like the girls?" I said, "Well, if you greeted me at the door like that, you would get that kind of treatment!" I believe it was the next day, she did greet me at the door mimicking the girls, we both started busting up laughing because they (our dogs) did not know what to think about the display of affection they were witnessing by these silly humans. Diandra made her point... but, so did I.


  1. How SWEET all those puppies are!!! I giggle as I imagine your daughter doing that! CUTE! Yes, you two did make your point!!! LOL

  2. very cool observations by both you and Diandra and of course your Three girls!!!

  3. Oh I love your girls...they are precious.

    I took "Molly" to the resthome today to see Aunt Cassie. She loved petting her.

  4. I love this photo.We have four and they always greet us this way . It makes any day better. Have a great weekend.

  5. That is so sweet! I can imagine...dogs are just so loyal.
    I said the same to my husband before, when he is giving our dog 'special attention'. I have said before "I wish I was a dog" :-)

  6. That the thing about dogs! They love so much better than we do! I always like the idea of Dog is God spelled backward, too! I think God has a special affinity for dogs!

  7. How sweet are they..!
    Dogs do tend to go overboard with welcomes don't they, I know a lot of humans who could learn from them..!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. That is a great statement to live by. What cute dogs!