Friday, January 11, 2008

One of My Favorite Nurserys

On the way to my favorite nursery in Carmel you cross many crops such as this. This is where a bag of mixed baby salad greens comes from; also a favorite of mine! Where is the salad dressing...???!!

When you are driving down the highway you are guaranteed a piece of art or a message on this particular sand dune. I like this one... :)

My favorite nursery is in Carmel. It is called The Succulent Store. When ever I go to the coast, I make it "a must" to visit this store. I will come home with at least three to five new succulents to add to my garden.

There are an array of succulents everywhere you look.

You can buy them in beautiful pots ready to go....

like these...

This is what I came home with. Mmm... pretty!


  1. Now I want more. I have only a few varieties of succlents but I love them too. I see there are some aloes blooming. Lots of people don't know they bloom. I have lots of aloes and many bloom each year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oops mispelled succulents. I do that when I blog this early in the morning. My fingers are still asleep.

  3. Ooooh, You like succulents too!

    Thats okay... I missed it until you pointed it out! giggle

    Blogger should have spell check on their comments! I have a dictionary sitting right by my computer. Sometimes I take so long commenting, the page has expired.

    Oh well, I will send you their e-mail address.

  4. That is really very beautiful.And so 'summer-like'. Pooh ooh, we don't have summer.... :-(

  5. I love the ones that look like pebbles, too. What a great group of photos! I like your choices.

  6. This made me feel warm and happy - thank you. It's so dark, cold and rainy here right now.

  7. how pretty and next time I am up that way I will make it a must to visit your favorite Nursery.

    love ya

  8. I sure do love your photography. I'm going to have to buy a piece from you for my blank walls!

  9. Oh I love these photographs..I love baby greens (yum!!) and the succulents are gorgeous...oh to see these in the dead of dull, drab have given me a wonderful idea...I am off to my local nursery this afternoon..I know just what I want!!