Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A man's home is his castle ~

"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods.
Cats have never forgotten this."


As I drive past this house in Pacific Grove, looking at the stone wall that surrounds it, my imagination runs wild with hearing the galloping of horses coming up to their castle.

This is the back of the cat sitting on the edge of the stone wall.

The iron gate that you have to enter to get to the house.

Here, you can see the cat on the corner of the yard.

At Christmas time, the owners always put a wreath with a red bow and bells around the cat's neck. A friendly gesture to let you know when the cat is going to... pounce!



  1. Interesting...I wonder what inspired the cat statue...a favourite pet perhaps..?

  2. I loved this post! Being the cat person that I am I can really appreciate that giant sculpture. It's a cool looking house.

  3. "Cats have never forgotten this." As someone who formerly had 5 cats in one tiny apartment, this cracked me up.

    I love cats.

    I love that house!

  4. Those are magnificent. They kind of look spooky though.

  5. Yes, Cat's never forget that!! Our cats always had attitudes!

    The pictures are so great...never saw that house on our trips to the coast...will look real hard next time.

    Love your photography in these!!

  6. Very interesting house and yard art.

  7. I once made a necklace designed after a door in a house. I get compliments on it to this day and I love the story you've made with the house.

  8. That's a fairytale gateway.
    Some of the gateways around here have stone lions or griffins, at Christmas they often sport Santa Claus hats. They look kind of silly, but if you're noble enough you can take it in your stride.