Thursday, January 3, 2008

Same ole' ~ Same ole'

I don't know about you, but I am tired of making the same old food time after time! With the holidays we have had our fill with turkey, ham and roast... nothing sounds good. With the cold weather, I have made chili beans, stew and chicken soup. I just don't know what to make anymore.

Give me some ideas.
What are you making for dinner these days?


  1. Last night Pastor Dad wanted "Chicken Noodle Cassarole" It's made like the old Tuna one, but substituting chicken. Cheese and Potato chips on was really good!!!

    I'm going to spend some time looking through my cook books!

    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  2. These two layered dishes are good:
    Vegetable or meat lasagne and
    Enchilada casserole. You don't have to roll the meat in the tortillas; just layer the ingredients with cheese on top.


  3. I haven't felt like cooking either...salads have been big, pot roast was the other night and I cheated tonight with take out hamburgers from a place we all love!!

  4. soups ! I have an awesome recipe for a Santa Fe Soup it is really yummy.
    we have been having that and other different kinds of homemade soup with

    Love ya

  5. Well if I had a cute stove like that, I'd find a reason to cook!
    Actually, cooking is for the birds. I am the laziest cook these days...but, when the mood crockpot takes a good beating. Stew, chili, or even a whole chicken is known to come out of there!

  6. Is that your kitchen??? Holy guacamole! Can I come live with YOU? I LOVE kitchens and that range just made me decide to give up men. I'm in love with your stove/oven. Good gracious!!!

    And if you're asking for votes on what to make??? Enchiladas! Or stuffed shells. Mmmmmmm....

    Or what's wrong with good old fashioned grilled cheese & tomato soup? I think that's on the menu for me today.

  7. oh my lord, you're makin me so hungry ;)

    Anything thats edible and appreciated as a gift of grace is good food in my book,

    lotsa love my friend, M

  8. I was thinking Chicken cassarole too!

    I have a thing I have to go to tomorrow and take food and I'm making a broccli, tomato, chicken salad I've decided. I think it will be good and I'll use some chicken fajita meat and some cheese in it too. I just made it up in my head when I was wondering what to bring. You can try it if you'd like.

  9. I hope you Have a wonderful new year and continue to share your friendship with me.

  10. I love your stove! It looks very impressive with the hood on top! We have a Jenn-Air, too, but only an exhaust in the middle, no hood. about EGGS?!
    Want me to send you some?
    Eggs in all varieties....haha.

  11. Nothing like rabbit stew on a cold winters day...

  12. Mediterranean Chicken
    Recipe By Chef Hilton

    Chicken Thigh (Whatever part of chicken you like)

    Lemon Pepper
    Stick in oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

    Saute prefered onions, cherry tomatoes cut in half, in balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, also a dab of your favorite wine, and olive oil. Set aside.

    Cook parmesian cous cous.

    On side a green salad mixed, mix black beans, favorite dressing.

    Another good idea, is serve with bread.

    Its fresh and healthy, lite on your stonmach. Love you mom.