Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Lady on the Water

Sometimes there are certain things that just draw my attention... for many years now it has been this boat. My heart skipped a couple of beats last winter when the boat was gone. I went to ask the man at the end of the wharf where the lady was. He immediately knew who I was talking about and proceeded to tell me she was fine and was staying with a friend while her boat was getting fixed. He also told me I wasn't the only one who had asked. That told me there are others that have noticed her.

It is one of the first things I do on our visits to the coast is to look for her... my mind just starts asking so many questions... does she have family? Is she an artist? How does she make a living? Is she a millionaire? Is she french? Does she have a broken heart? Does she get lonely? Does she have any children? Where is her pet duck? What interests her? What does she think about? Does she have a car and where does she park it? What does she do when there is a storm or it is raining hard and real windy? Is this her "little get-a-way?" ~ home away from home.

I have seen her row her little boat to the dock with her pet duck in a bamboo cage. My heart just froze being that close to someone that I have watched and wondered about. She noticed me and said, "Hello," emptied her ducks bowl of food, she put a bouquet of flowers into the basket of her her green bike and proceeded to attach the cage onto the back of the seat. The lady, holding onto the bike walked down the wharf saying hello to the local fisherman and restaurant's trying to get you to taste their famous clam chowder. I immediately wonder and I am concerned, ' Where is she going? The sun is setting and she is on a bike.'

My husband and I discuss her over dinner, and I asked him does this qualify us as stalkers? He answered "Others have noticed her too. But... maybe because you have taken pictures."

Spending the day with her would be on my bucket list. She seems so interesting to me... no, I need more than one day.


  1. in holland we have a lot of boat houses, i would love to live in one, someday.

    although, one sank the other day. but hey, i can swim ;)

    thanks for stalking her; these pictures are wonderful!


  2. Oh are the all my trips to the coast I never see fun and exciting things.

    Take me some time.....:)

    What a story to find. Angela you have the beginnings of a great novel.

  3. The next time she says hello, you should invite her for coffee and begin asking questions, as she seems a friendly sort. I'll come help you if you'd like!

  4. That is the most interesting looking houseboat I have seen. Would love to see the inside of it... and visit a while.

    I think she is an artist, or a writer.


  5. HOw interesting! A funky little houseboat.
    LIfe could be sweet with a guitar and an afternoon sipping lemonade on the boat!

  6. I love seeing the guitar on the boat :)

  7. What a brilliant house boat.It looks such an idyllic lifestyle.
    Here we have narrow boats on the canals, each one different. Some are leisure craft but many are lived on permanently and the numbers are increasing as houses here have become unaffordable.

  8. Sounds to me like you need to go extend your hand and make a new friend. And then tell us ALL about her!!!

  9. Next time she says 'hi' , start talking to her!! I am sure she would not mind.

  10. you should start talking to her, i'll bet she wouldn't mind :) what a lovely houseboat! xox