Sunday, January 6, 2008

Keeping This Tradition

For many years my dad's many sisters have gotten together and made tamales at Christmas. This is my third year to help. I can remember being a little girl and watching them, though mostly getting in the way. They all would wear aprons and bandannas. My oldest aunt, who is Mary, passed the baton down to her youngest sister, my aunt Deb. I felt a little sad as this was done; she recently had a 7 heart bypass surgery. I found it interesting that she went to the youngest of the five sisters to make sure that everything was done just the way my grandma had done it. The other sisters have their favorites and tend to do things their way (they all know how to do it my grandmas way, but due to their diets and special needs they tweak my grandmas recipe ~ GOSH! I don't want to get in trouble with any of them, they read my blog! LOVE all of yous!! smile smile started to rethink that last sentence). My aunt Mary knew that my aunt Deb would do it her way and knowing that she had done it my grandmas way. However, my aunt Deb would tell me that she had to get the meat at a certain time, then these specific peppers and spices, the corn husk and the masa. Deb was feeling a little overwhelmed and we both could not help feel the importance of keeping on the tradition of grandma's tamales. It was up to us now (more or less ~ being that she was the youngest of that generation and my sister and I are from the next. We were the ones that would be keeping carrying on this tradition).

I loved every second of this day and felt as if my grandma was right in the room with us with her bandanna wrapped around her head.



  1. There is something comforting about carrying on traditions, isn't there? Tweaking and refining recipes is part of that...making tradition our own. A true traditionalist would never change a thing and so I think it's fascinating that in this large family of women you have a pure traditionalist mixed in with modern tradition...and of course as next in line, you will have to decide which side of tradition you favour!

  2. I think that is so great that you keep the tradition. Especially, that you are all together in flesh and in spirit!! Love your bandanas!!

  3. Oh Angela this brought tears to my eyes, and I am in love with Family Traditions. I love the aprons and bandanas...((Of course you know I have a thing about aprons)).

    I never feel closer to my mother than when I'm in the kitchen making her English Toffee!!

    Wonderful post....I love all your Aunts, and I don't even know them!!

  4. Mia thanks for such a heart felt
    post I love it and the photos too!
    I loved every minute of that day as well and look forward to many more
    I know your dad and grandma were watching over all of us ( perhaps that is why the tamales came out so good!!) I know it is a tradition that
    you and your sister will carry one
    if not Rob will!!!( just kidding!)

    love you so

  5. p.s. your not in any trouble with any of us at least you love them all
    and so do I!!

    also sorry about the typo in the last comment I meant to say I know you and your sister will carry this tradition on!

  6. How cute YOU all LOOK! and I bet those tamales were very YUMMY!!! Gimme some!!! How about the recipe!!!!HOPE Mary is doing OK!!! Love and prayers, Cinda

  7. Oh man. Family traditions like this are so few and far between these days. I LOVE IT! Good for you. And I'm so glad you felt your grandma there with you.

    PS - bring me some tamales! I love them almost as much as enchiladas!

  8. What a great time..!
    You all look great and I can imagine the fun you had. Your Grandma would be proud..

  9. I have to say, even with the way you still make the masa, they were very yummie!

    I'ts only once a year. It's worth it!?

    Mom/Grandma would have been proud.

  10. yea yea all just won't admit you like wearing those bandanas because it makes you feel a part of ;)