Thursday, May 31, 2007

I got a Kick out of this!

These are e-mails from and to, my Aunt Deb and I
Hi There,
I just wanted to say hello and thank you for commenting on my blog, Yes I am Sweet Expressions, I hope that you will continue to read or comment as I plan on doing so to yours and Diandra's.
You both inspired me to do so and it has been a great help and it came at a time when I really needed it. So I hope you don't mind.
Yes, Rob is in my prayers and heart on a daily basis, I love the little updates he sends when he can, I also have Nessa in my prayers and heart. For I can relate being a military wife and the husband gone to duty.
Anyway, you and your family is as well in my heart and prayers and I hope that sometime we can visit each other, I miss you a lot.but until then I do so enjoy reading your blog and diandra's too.
big hug and kiss to you
Aunt Debs

You are so funny! I have to tell you, this is so funny. Back when Diandra posted her "weight scale," I noticed that the first comment was a commenter that I had not noticed before. I went to the her profile, (being protective) then clicked on her blog. Scanned over it really quick. Noticed that she had not any comments. Hmmm. Seemed nice. Fairly new blogger. Told Diandra, to make sure she checks her out. She did. Days go by.
Then I get a comment on my "Memorial Day," post. Was very touched that someone was daily praying for my son. I thought, reading the comment, that it seemed personal, as if they might know us. Checked your profile, didn't think anything, then went to your blog. Noticed the "garden poem," I thought that 'I have read that before. I think that you sent it to me, or Genie.' I think that I even saved it. Didn't think anything. I commented.
After I got home from work, I thought maybe you would have answered my question on where abouts you lived. Noticed that you posted another post. Read it. Didn't think anything. Commented. I did notice that I felt VERY comfortable with this blogger. giggle. That caught me off guard and made me feel uncomfortable. Three hours go by and I make myself a sandwich, sat down. Started going through my mind about your last post... POP! That is DEB!!!!! Jumped from the chair, called Jess. Asked her if you had a blog. She said "NO, not that she knew of." I told her everything. Told her to go to your site. She read, and said "Yes, that is you." Started busting up laughing. We noticed that you had some comments. Clicked to see who it was. And low and behold! It's my Dee Dee. Jess really started to laugh. She asked me if Diandra knew that it was you. I said "No." CrAzy! Jess, read what Diandra commented on your "Inspiration" post. I was so touched that My sweet Grandma and I were compared in the same way, without Diandra even knowing. Brought tears to my eyes. Grandma passed away when I was pregnant with Diandra. I waited for Diandra to get home from Dance, asked her how come she didn't tell me about commenting on your blog. She said "She didn't comment on your blog. She said that you had mentioned that you had one, but that was it. she didn't know where your blog was or anything, you didn't tell her that."
Without Diandra and I knowing that it was you, my dear aunt. Feeling right away, there was a connection. That is pretty neat!

I do have to tell you though, I told Jess not to tell you that I knew that it was you. I was going to have fun with this. I checked my e-mail and you had written me telling me about your blog. LOL!!

I love you Deb!! I am so happy that you have a blog! Woo hoo!
Hey! You are an awesome writer! And you have the perfect title for your Blog! Love it!


NOTE** If any of you get a chance and want to meet someone who is a sweetie... You will come to see how genuine, kind, and what a positive attitude she has and it will rub off on you. You will come to love her as much as I do. You won't regret it! So be sure to check her out. (The older one in the pic's is my Dad's little sister, an aunt in whom I adored and look up to!) You can catch her here at expressions!

DOUBLE NOTE** If you notice my little sister's expression's (cracks me up every time I see these photo's) she hated the sun in her eyes. Also later, we discovered that she needed glasses. In just about every picture outside, she has this silly look on her face! I just want to kiss her!


  1. Thanks sweetie for posting those old cute pictures of us we were so full of life then and now! Did you ever get a copy of the one we took grown up years ago? maybe if I come across it I will send you one.
    anyway love it and I too got a kick out of this!!

  2. I'm not even in your family and I got a kick out of this. What fun even if it feels like I'm eavesdropping in Blog Land. This is so neat and what a wide world made small. I'm happy for all of you and with all of you.

  3. What a great story! The blogging world can be big and small at the same time - amazing!

  4. : ) this made me giggle and smile and think to myself, how absolutely wonderful ...

    thank you for sharing this great family story!! xox

  5. I read the other two blogs mentioned here, and have some to the conclusion that you have a wonderful family. Loving and supportive. I had to smile that you didn't recognise it was your aunt when you first came across her comment.!!

  6. Angela: I was in Columbia today and didn't get a chance to comment until now.
    What a absolutely great story. I certainly got a Kick out of it.
    Will visit sweet expressions for sure.
    Love and Hugs
    Wanda Mom

  7. Funny-and the pics are so delightful.

  8. Your sister's expression was the first thing I noticed!
    Don't you just love old family photos!