Thursday, May 3, 2007

Private Property~

Bobbie and Bennies
By Robert Hilton

Driving down an old road
Almond orchards on both sides
Past the canal bank
My heart beats fast
With mischievous intentions
The night is young
My friend and I park
Getting out of the truck
We grab our tackle and our fishing poles
Slowly making our way to the barbed wire fence
Ignoring the “No Trespassing” sign
Our feet against the dry brush
My friend turns around
Holding his finger to his mouth.
We can hear the crickets chirping
Singing the summers heat
We look around
Afraid to be caught
I hold the fence for him
Trying not to cut myself
Rust on my hands
Once we both make it over the fence
We tip-toe our way through the cow pastures and down a dirt trail
Mosquitoes humming at our skin
The night is hot
We can see the gravel pits glistening with the foreshadowing
Dreams and stories
All boys hear when growing up
The fish stories their dads would always tell them


  1. Wonderful.
    Memories and fishing stories that Robert will one day tell his children.
    He's is a talented poet..your son..

  2. Not being a fisherperson at all, I've only been fishing once with a bamboo pole and found it excurciatingly boring and never went again. Your poem makes me wish I had.

  3. oh my goodness, Angela...your dear son has his mother's way with words.
    It's so great he can put these great stories into poetry.

    Nice sign!!!

  4. I've always wanted to go fishing; I think I'd like it because it does seem relaxing waiting for the fish to take the bait. Lovely poem!

  5. Robert realing is talented with his words. Does he know you post them?

  6. Paige~ I have asked him if he would mind me posting them, He said it was okay. All of these poems are written in this past Month a half. It is apparent that he is thinking of good times before he goes to Kuwait. That is happening this coming Wednesday A.M.
    It also helps me to see his poems this way. Posting them with pictures is like looking through his eyes.. more visual.
    He will come to my blog and see his poems on the screen. It brings a smile to his face... and then reading all of the nice comments makes him feel good.
    It is good for him right now as well as for me.