Thursday, May 10, 2007

Poetry Reading~

Ode to the Sea
Pablo Neruda

Surrounding the island
There's sea.
But what sea?
It's always overflowing.
Says yes,
Then no,
Then no again,
And no,
Says yes
In blue
In sea spray
Says no
And no again.
It can't be still.
It stammers
My name is sea.

It slaps the rocks
And when they aren't
Strokes them
And soaks them
And smothers them with

With seven green tongues
Of seven green dogs
Or seven green seas,
Beating its chest,
Stammering its name,

Oh Sea,
This is your name.
Oh comrade ocean,
Don't waste time
Or water
Getting so upset
Help us instead.
We are meager fishermen,
Men from the shore
Who are hungry and cold
And you're our foe.

Don't beat so hard,
Don't shout so loud,
Open your green coffers,
Place gifts of silver in our
Give us this day our daily


  1. This is a great poem to go with your photo.
    I've just started reading Neruda's work and love it..!

  2. Hi Angela,

    It is my first visit to your space. I followed you here from SKinny Little blonde. I love poetry too, and love Neruda. I shall be a frequent visitor. Dare I invite you to come and see by site as well? If you have the time:


  3. What a great photo of such motion and power. I have always loved driving on the CA coast. I love seeing scenes like this one. Thanks for the memory!

  4. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!! Did you take it at Pacific Grove or Monterey???
    Poem is just as lovey as the pic.
    You and your're good!

  5. Angela..The photo is perfect...and Neruda is one of my very favorite poets! How are you? Haven't heard from you in awhile. Have a great weekend! :-)

  6. oh hon, that photo is like a cool breathe of joy ... wonderful.

    and one of my favourite poems .. lovely :)

  7. You've started me on the way to reading poetry books. Yes, you and one other person. I checked out 3 different poets books from the libraby today.

  8. Neruda is one of my favorites. This one is lovely.

  9. Wanda~ the picture was taken on one of my trips to Pacific Grove! It is one of my favorite spots!

    Everyone~ Thank you for all of the compliments!


  10. Wow. I have never read this poem & found it quite profound.
    We are meager fishermen,
    Men from the shore
    Who are hungry and cold
    And you're our foe.

    ...which means the sea is also their biggest ally, for without the sea they would have no fish.
    I love the sea, but know it's great strength & fury well. TY for sharing!