Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Life is a bowl full of ....

When my Great Gram was still with us, I would go to visit her once a week, usually every Tuesday. She looked forward to these visits as much as I did. I can remember going into the house and she would have even put on lip stick. I would take her on whatever errands she had to do. From visit to visit, she would make me and the kids the best lunches. I would tell her not to make such a fuss over us, but she explained that she loved to try new recipes and it just didn't mean as much doing it for herself. She was the only one to get me to try different foods like spiced canned peaches, home made sauerkraut, and iced coffee, just to name a few.

One visit, she had a Blue Willow bowl full of cherries. Gram had mentioned she had seen it in a magazine and loved the color of the cherries contrasting with the blue. She had the magazine page ready to show me. She said she had the cherries sitting in the bowl since yesterday and wouldn't eat one, because once you start eating them you can't stop. She wanted to share what she had seen. As she grinned, she said "Now, we can eat them!"

When Cherry season rolls around, I can not resist putting cherries in a Blue Willow bowl. Each time I do, I can still see the smile on her face from so many years ago.


  1. What a lovely story, thnx for sharing!

    The blues and reds of the bowl and fruit are amazing. They fit perfectly together!


  2. What a lovely memory, and now it has become a tradition.
    I'm sure your Great Gram is smiling on you!

  3. I love the way you are able to really visualize your memories and put it together with a photo. you are very talented.

  4. such a beautiful story and reminded me of my own granny ~ she lived next door to us while I was growing up so I spent as much time with her and my poppa as i did with my own parents ...

    she always put on lipstick before leaving the house to go downtown and she always baked and canned and feed me and taught me so much ...

    i always put my cherries in a blue pottery piece that my son bought me ~ i'll have to take a photo and share next week :)


  5. What a great story Angela...I'm going to make some cherry jam this weekend! :-)

  6. Sweet memories. I can image your Great Gram smiling at you!

  7. A story can make a picture so very meaningful. First you see a bowl of cherries....that's nice. Then you read the story and, thats a slice of someones life...and now another generation is doing it....I some day so will Diandra!!!
    Wonderful Post Angela dear!
    Wanda Mom